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Read Me

Ferda's SciTE

This is a [customized build][14] of [SciTE][2] with various extensions to
make SciTE a good programmer's "notepad". Some of the extensions may be
included in the official SciTE version, if found useful and acceptable.

 - Keep the last file position and folding state
 - More white-space padding for calltips
 - Rounded-corner calltips with gradient fill
 - Displaying calltips on mouse hover
 - Alternative regular expressions
 - Extended [OScript][10] support
 - [Scintillua][11] with OScript support
 - API files for the most common languages

Selectable regular expression engines:

 - [PCRE][4]: stable backtracking library
 - [RE2]{5]: fast, non-backtracking NFA library
 - [TRE][6]: library with approximate (fuzzy) matching
 - [ICU][7]: Unicode library
 - [Boost.Regex][8]: library that the C++ standard has been based on
 - [std::regex][9]: standard C++ library

How to install and configure it

Unzip the binary distribution package to you directory with tools. It will
create a folder `SciTE` and a file Consider copying
it to your %USERPROFILE% directory; it customizes colours so that the edited
source code looks like in the [Microsoft Visual Studio][3] and turns on
various SciTE features and extensions so that it *really* becomes a
programmer's "notepad". If you're upgrading from an earlier or official
versions, consider updating the in your profile.

See the updated SciTE help (SciTEDoc.html) for the description of the new
properties not available in the official SciTE. This is a list with
(commented out) default values and recommended ones:






How to get sources and build it

I recommend you placing SciTE's sources next to sources of [Scintilla][1] and
other libraries and build all using the MS VS solution file from SciTE. You
should clone them this way (to the same directory):

    hg clone scintilla
    hg clone scite
    hg clone scintillua
    hg clone pcre
    hg clone re2
    git clone tre

You'll need to download and compile [ICU][12] and [Boost][13] before you start
building SciTE. See `` in the `scite` source folder for the complete

License and history

This is version 3.3.1 built on Apr 12 2013 08:14:36, available from

Original copyright (C) 1998-2012 Neil Hodgson <>
Customization copyright (C) 2010-2013 Ferdinand Prantl <>

See License.txt for the license terms and the About box in SciTE for the list
of all contributors to Scintilla and SciTE.