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Scintilla - Scintilla VS Log

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[fbd0b2] by Thomas Martitz Thomas Martitz

ScintillaGTK: Call superclass finalize() in ScintillaObject
The ScintillaObject class does not chain up to its superclass in the finalize()
function. This is a bug and must be done according to the GLib/GObject
documentation. One effect of this is that the destroy notifiers supplied in
e.g. g_object_set_data_full() are never run.

Fixes Bug: #1549 ScintillaObject.finalize() does not chain up

2013-11-13 22:36:19 Tree
[b7d2e3] by Neil Hodgson Neil Hodgson

Fix out-of-bounds bug. Use symbolic constants instead of numbers.
From SiegeLord.

2013-11-12 10:52:52 Tree
[210a85] by Neil Hodgson Neil Hodgson

Fix a warning from Xcode about using a INSTALL_PATH that includes @executable_path
but had SKIP_INSTALL off.

2013-11-12 04:47:38 Tree
[3882c4] by Neil Hodgson Neil Hodgson

Specify deployment target as OS X 10.5 so builds on recent versions will run on older.

2013-11-11 21:17:53 Tree
[b7f3f1] by Neil Hodgson Neil Hodgson

Update InfoBar to use combined images.
Change SDK setting to latest so will work with both Xcode 4.6 and 5.0.

2013-11-11 12:42:27 Tree
[ceb035] by Neil Hodgson Neil Hodgson

Add @2x images for cursors and info bar to match retina displays.
From Mike Lischke.

2013-11-11 12:34:19 Tree
[6888f9] by Neil Neil

When Direct2D returns D2DERR_RECREATE_TARGET handle by complete redraw instead
of trying to redraw just the initially required area.
Reported to eliminate black window contents after system Lock and similar actions.

2013-11-10 23:25:01 Tree
[2959b8] by Neil Hodgson Neil Hodgson

Update SDK version so builds on both Xcode 4.6 and 5.0.

2013-11-10 22:44:16 Tree
[f29984] by Neil Neil

Note limitation on Qt.

2013-11-09 03:33:54 Tree
[4774b4] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Feature [feature-requests:#1544]. Qt build system fixes for PySide separate from shiboken.
From Mark Yen.

2013-11-07 07:15:10 Tree
[c6dcd1] by

Bug [#1546]. Fix horizontal scroll bar range to not be double the needed width.

2013-11-07 05:50:55 Tree
[75999d] by Neil Neil

Feature [feature-requests:#962]. Improvement of folding for Fortran.
Treats "else" as fold header.
From darmar.

2013-11-06 23:50:15 Tree
[f5e8ce] by Neil Neil

Normalize indentation to tabs.

2013-11-06 22:22:23 Tree
[b110f1] by Neil Neil

Remove local functions that are not used.

2013-11-03 22:06:18 Tree
[23170b] by

Clean line-end whitespace.

2013-11-03 06:16:06 Tree
[8ef42b] by Neil Neil

Avoid warnings for scope and unused value set.

2013-11-03 06:10:31 Tree
[18272d] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Bug [#1544]. Mac font quality not applied to margin.
From Mark Yen.

2013-11-03 03:48:22 Tree
[409784] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Change log.

2013-11-03 03:46:55 Tree
[11623d] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Report control key as SCI_META for mouse down events for GTK+ on OS X.
Also enables more flexibility with modifier keys.

2013-11-03 03:34:21 Tree
[3f1727] by Neil Neil

Change log.

2013-10-30 22:34:22 Tree
[b19a01] by Neil Neil

Fix drawing of scrollbars, where previous contents were not drawn over.
From John Ehresman.

2013-10-30 22:27:52 Tree
[05c7ed] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Bug [#1542]. Margin click focus handling on Cocoa.

2013-10-29 22:03:47 Tree
[9746bf] by Neil Neil

Additions to C++ lexer.

2013-10-28 02:21:03 Tree
[5dcfa8] by Neil Neil

Allow single quote digit separators for C++14.

2013-10-28 00:57:05 Tree
[d0a5f2] by Neil Neil

Added lexical class for user defined literals in C++11.

2013-10-28 00:47:26 Tree
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