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[bb784e] (25.0 kB) by Colomban Wendling Colomban Wendling

Bash: Fix handling of quoted HereDoc delimiters

2013-07-22 09:15:02 View
[b93c27] (24.5 kB) by nyamatongwe

Handle nested delimiter pairs. Feature #3569352.
Bugs #1515556, #3008483, #3512208, #3515392.
From Kein-Hong Man.

2012-09-19 12:17:13 View
[7ee7d8] (21.1 kB) by nyamatongwe

Fix multiple issues with Bash lexing and folding. Bug #3526563.
From Kein-Hong Man.
- fixed SCE_PL_DEFAULT constant reported by Matthew Brush
- backtracks to previous line if necessary to resolve refresh issues for
multiline segments (this SF bug 3526563)
- properly refreshes HERE document body and code following it when HERE
delimiter is changed
- HERE delimiter with no ending quote is properly highlighted as an error,
this did not previously work
- leading spaces highlighted properly in quoted HERE delimiters
- recognizes '' and "" HERE delimiters to match blank lines

2012-09-16 13:27:36 View
[1d7dbc] (20.6 kB) by James Ribe James Ribe

Fixed a bug with the bash lexer's handling of singly-quoted strings. SF Bug Tracker ID: 3512208

2012-03-29 18:18:06 View
[07a40f] (20.4 kB) by nyamatongwe

Dropped inclusion of PropSetSimple.h in lexers which do not use PropSetSimple directly.
Dropped declaration not needed in LexCPP.

2011-01-27 05:45:15 View
[61b3a1] (20.4 kB) by nyamatongwe

Folding for Bash here documents. Feature #3118223.

2010-12-09 12:20:04 View
[91d53a] (rel-2-22) (20.2 kB) by nyamatongwe

Fix for bug #3063822 for bash here docs starting with <<-

2010-10-26 23:44:38 View
[e8779b] (20.2 kB) by nyamatongwe

Casts to avoid compiler warnings.

2010-07-23 01:45:09 View
[22318f] (20.2 kB) by nyamatongwe

Patch from Kein-Hong Man as feature #3033135
- improved keyword highlighting with commands, compound commands, and constructs
- consistent highlighting across line continuations for commands and expressions
- proper highlighting of file test operators and option arguments
- better highlighting within test expressions and arithmetic expressions
Also fixes SF bug ticket #3027958

2010-07-23 01:44:07 View
[ce2c65] (15.2 kB) by nyamatongwe

For new lexer design change includes to add new files and remove unused files.
Normalise order of includes.
Minor fixes for compatibility with new lexer design.

2010-07-13 11:44:00 View
[c8042e] (15.1 kB) by nyamatongwe

Moved lexers into lexers directory.

renamed from /src/LexBash.cxx
2010-07-13 11:16:48 View