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[6b4485] (rel-1-26) by nyamatongwe

Added character set option to histiry.

2000-06-13 10:54:55 Tree
[425a65] by nyamatongwe

Updated for 1.26.

2000-06-13 09:38:18 Tree
[a1ec07] by nyamatongwe

Added changes for version 1.26.

2000-06-13 08:31:28 Tree
[3f7e50] by nyamatongwe

Removed warnings caused by unused parameters.

2000-06-13 07:24:04 Tree
[a561f5] by nyamatongwe

Fixed paint bug where last line of document was drawn twice.

2000-06-13 05:47:20 Tree
[412177] by nyamatongwe

Updated documentation and checked spelling.

2000-06-12 14:00:16 Tree
[6e7d09] by nyamatongwe

Brought documentation up to date.

2000-06-12 13:03:01 Tree
[f801f1] by nyamatongwe

Removed warning when tracing turned off.

2000-06-12 12:40:07 Tree
[96c0d5] by nyamatongwe

Updated definitions for LUA and to separate generatable definitions from
those done by hand.

2000-06-12 12:37:11 Tree
[f79bf1] by nyamatongwe

Moved archive of old versions onto SourceForge.

2000-06-12 08:34:01 Tree
[7123f2] by nyamatongwe

Lua language support from Paul Winwood.

2000-06-12 03:06:13 Tree
[5d851e] by nyamatongwe

Property set keys are now case sensitive.

2000-06-11 13:05:53 Tree
[0761b4] by nyamatongwe

Updated for new document calls, get column and charset.

2000-06-11 08:23:26 Tree
[6f3b2f] by nyamatongwe

Moved GTK+ Scintilla widget definition out into ScintillaWidget.h

2000-06-11 08:05:12 Tree
[be12ff] by nyamatongwe

Added character set codes.

2000-06-11 07:29:25 Tree
[556ecb] by nyamatongwe

Made IsControlCharacter inline as Hans says this speeds it up.

2000-06-11 07:27:08 Tree
[37fea5] by nyamatongwe

Updated version number.

2000-06-08 13:17:15 Tree
[fb5cc0] by nyamatongwe

Added GetColumn that determines the column of a position.

2000-06-08 10:13:35 Tree
[5e2bf3] by nyamatongwe

Added GetColumn that determines the column of a position.

2000-06-08 10:12:15 Tree
[d8190f] by nyamatongwe

Added CreateDocument message and changed AddRefDoc and ReleaseDoc to
AddRefDocument and ReleaseDocument.

2000-06-08 05:05:20 Tree
[58c2c5] by nyamatongwe

Added CDATA class.

2000-06-06 14:39:02 Tree
[4e4dc5] by nyamatongwe

Handle CDATA sections in XML.

2000-06-06 14:38:23 Tree
[e0e69e] by nyamatongwe

Ensured the UnicodeMode of each Surface is initialised.

2000-06-04 01:44:37 Tree
[572558] by nyamatongwe

Made drawing area larger so it takes up full plugin area in Mozilla.

2000-05-28 06:31:20 Tree
[9e0ca8] by nyamatongwe

Changed operator bool in WordList to return false if WordList is empty.
Many lexer changes from Philippe Lhoste.
VB handles preprocessor and hex constants.
C++ optionally leaves preprocessor state after the preprocessor command.
HTML terminates incomplete entities earlier and marks them as bad attributes.

2000-05-27 02:16:49 Tree
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