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    Hi, It's hard to find out what's wrong. Could you please try to run vpcs separately? Thanks On Fri, Apr 28, 2017 at 12:58 AM, Raizo62 wrote: Hi I use vpcs with GNS3 on Linux. To reproduce the bug : VPCS gets network configuration of DHCP : IP, mask and dns server. I down the dns server. From vpcs, I do "ping www", then the xterm of vpcs disappear. I suppose that vpcs is crashed. vpcs crashes when the dns does not respond

  • Committed [r126]

    1. bugfix: the session can't be created again

  • Committed [r125]

    "revert from r124"

  • Committed [r124]

    bugfix: In the daemon mode, the response data w...

  • Committed [r123]

    Update the documents for 0.8

  • Committed [r122]

    revert back to older version 120 of command.c

  • Committed [r121]

    1. increasing the sleep time of pth_timer_tick

  • Committed [r120]

    1. parse cname correctly

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