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  • Committed [b43341]

    pass image buffers using traditional syntax, not the gcc extension

  • Committed [dfa0c6]

    change to unsigned int two dc1394 functions parameters

  • Committed [b9f215]

    correct to unsigned types for some dc1394 function parameters

  • Committed [7a2c5c]

    initialize positions from file

  • Committed [222016]

    use arrow keys; change cursor appearance; read/...

  • Committed [e1f1c1]

    use v4l2 library functions explicitly

  • Committed [0d6592]

    make image buffers unsigned int, for 64-bit com...

  • Committed [43655b]

    Initial commit

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2007-12-24 17:59:50


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  • Project Logo J.R. Kerr PIC stepper motor control   Last Updated:
  • Project Logo coatis An Automatic Telescope Instruction Set (ATIS) implementation. Last Updated:
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