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  • Committed [r49]

    Added usb-storage-debug.h file to the repository.

  • Committed [r40]

    This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r39, which

  • Committed [r43]

    Original version.

  • Committed [r39]

    This is the baseline version for use by the usb-storage development group.

  • Committed [r42]

    Trying to fix a possible checkin problem with CVS archive

  • Committed [r51]

    Fixed some multi-lun support. Also includes Vojtech's version-range patch.

  • Committed [r53]

    This is to undo some damage I did by checking in the wrong files into the

  • Committed [r54]

    Expanded the unusual_dev_list based on postings to the linux-usb list.

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