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Mon Dec  7 09:44:40 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* dll.c (PthreadsEntryPoint): Cast return value of GetProcAddress
	to resolve compile warning from MSVC.

Sun Dec  6 21:54:35 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* buildlib.bat: Fix args to CL when building the .DLL

	* cleanup.c (_pthread_destructor_run_all): Fix TSD key management.
	This is a tidy-up before TSD and Thread management is completely
	replaced by John Bossom's much more elegant code.

	* tsd.c (pthread_key_create): Fix TSD key management.

	* global.c (_pthread_key_virgin_next): Initialise.

	* build.bat: New DOS script to compile and link a pthreads app
	using Microsoft's CL compiler linker.
	* buildlib.bat: New DOS script to compile all the object files
	and create pthread.lib and pthread.dll using Microsoft's CL
	compiler linker.

1998-12-05  Anders Norlander  <anorland@hem2.passagen.se>

	* implement.h (_pthread_try_enter_critical_section): New extern
	* dll.c (_pthread_try_enter_critical_section): New pointer to
	TryEnterCriticalSection if it exists; otherwise NULL.
	* dll.c (PthreadsEntryPoint):
	Initialize _pthread_try_enter_critical_section at startup
	and release kernel32 handle when DLL is being unloaded.
	* mutex.c (pthread_mutex_trylock): Replaced check for NT with
	a check if _pthread_try_enter_critical_section is valid
	pointer to a function. Call _pthread_try_enter_critical_section
	instead of TryEnterCriticalSection to avoid errors on Win95.

Thu Dec 3 13:32:00 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ise.canberra.edu.au>

	* README: Correct cygwin32 compatibility statement.

Sun Nov 15 21:24:06 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* cleanup.c (_pthread_destructor_run_all): Declare missing void * arg.
	Fixup CVS merge conflicts.

1998-10-30  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* condvar.c (cond_wait): Fix semantic error. Test for equality
	instead of making an assignment.

Fri Oct 30 15:15:50 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@swan.canberra.edu.au>

	* cleanup.c (_pthread_handler_push): Fixed bug appending new
	handler to list reported by Peter Slacik
	(new_thread): Rename poorly named local variable to

Sat Oct 24 18:34:59 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* global.c: Add TSD key management array and index declarations.

	* implement.h: Ditto for externs.

Fri Oct 23 00:08:09 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* implement.h (_PTHREAD_TSD_KEY_REUSE): Add enum.

	* private.c (_pthread_delete_thread): Add call to
	_pthread_destructor_run_all() to clean up the threads keys.

	* cleanup.c (_pthread_destructor_run_all): Check for no more dirty
	keys to run destructors on. Assume that the destructor call always
	succeeds and set the key value to NULL.

Thu Oct 22 21:44:44 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* tsd.c (pthread_setspecific): Add key management code.
	(pthread_key_create): Ditto.
	(pthread_key_delete): Ditto.

	* implement.h (struct _pthread_tsd_key): Add status member.

	* tsd.c: Add description of pthread_key_delete() from the
	standard as a comment.

Fri Oct 16 17:38:47 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@swan.canberra.edu.au>

	* cleanup.c (_pthread_destructor_run_all): Fix and improve
	stepping through the key table.

Thu Oct 15 14:05:01 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@swan.canberra.edu.au>

	* private.c (_pthread_new_thread): Remove init of destructorstack.
	No longer an element of pthread_t.

	* tsd.c (pthread_setspecific): Fix type declaration and cast.
	(pthread_getspecific): Ditto.
	(pthread_getspecific): Change error return value to NULL if key
	is not in use.

Thu Oct 15 11:53:21 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* global.c (_pthread_tsd_key_table): Fix declaration.

	* implement.h(_pthread_TSD_keys_TlsIndex): Add missing extern.
	(_pthread_tsd_mutex): Ditto.

	* create.c (_pthread_start_call): Fix "keys" array declaration.
	Add comment.

	* tsd.c (pthread_setspecific): Fix type declaration and cast.
	(pthread_getspecific): Ditto.

	* cleanup.c (_pthread_destructor_run_all): Declare missing loop

Wed Oct 14 21:09:24 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* private.c (_pthread_new_thread): Increment _pthread_threads_count.
	(_pthread_delete_thread): Decrement _pthread_threads_count.
	Remove some comments.

	* exit.c (_pthread_exit): : Fix two pthread_mutex_lock() calls that
 	should have been pthread_mutex_unlock() calls.
	(_pthread_vacuum): Remove call to _pthread_destructor_pop_all().

	* create.c (pthread_create): Fix two pthread_mutex_lock() calls that
 	should have been pthread_mutex_unlock() calls.

	* global.c (_pthread_tsd_mutex): Add mutex for TSD operations.

	* tsd.c (pthread_key_create): Add critical section.
	(pthread_setspecific): Ditto.
	(pthread_getspecific): Ditto.
	(pthread_key_delete): Ditto.

	* sync.c (pthread_join): Fix two pthread_mutex_lock() calls that
 	should have been pthread_mutex_unlock() calls.

Mon Oct 12 00:00:44 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* implement.h (_pthread_tsd_key_table): New.

	* create.c (_pthread_start_call): Initialise per-thread TSD keys
	to NULL.

	* misc.c (pthread_once): Correct typo in comment.

	* implement.h (_pthread_destructor_push): Remove.
	(_pthread_destructor_pop): Remove.
	(_pthread_destructor_run_all): Rename from _pthread_destructor_pop_all.

	* cleanup.c (_pthread_destructor_push): Remove.
	(_pthread_destructor_pop): Remove.
	(_pthread_destructor_run_all): Totally revamped TSD.

	* dll.c (_pthread_TSD_keys_TlsIndex): Initialise.

	* tsd.c (pthread_setspecific): Totally revamped TSD.
	(pthread_getspecific): Ditto.
	(pthread_create): Ditto.
	(pthread_delete): Ditto.

Sun Oct 11 22:44:55 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* global.c (_pthread_tsd_key_table): Add new global.

	* implement.h (_pthread_tsd_key_t and struct _pthread_tsd_key):
	(struct _pthread): Remove destructorstack.

	* cleanup.c (_pthread_destructor_run_all): Rename from
 	_pthread_destructor_pop_all. The key destructor stack was made
 	global rather than per-thread. No longer removes destructor nodes
	from the stack. Comments updated.

1998-10-06  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* condvar.c (cond_wait): Use POSIX, not Win32 mutex calls.
	(pthread_cond_broadcast): Likewise.
	(pthread_cond_signal): Likewise.

1998-10-05  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* pthread.def: Update. Some functions aren't available yet, others
	are macros in <pthread.h>.

	* tests/join.c: Remove; useless.

Mon Oct  5 14:25:08 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* pthread.def: New file for building the DLL.

1998-10-05  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* misc.c (pthread_equal): Correct inverted logic bug.
	(pthread_once): Use the POSIX mutex primitives, not Win32. Remove
	irrelevant FIXME comment.

	* global.c (PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER): Move to pthread.h.

	* pthread.h (PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER): Define.
	(pthread_mutex_t): Reimplement as a struct containing a valid
	flag. If the flag is ever down upon entry to a mutex operation,
	we call pthread_mutex_create() to initialise the object. This
	fixes the problem of how to handle statically initialised objects
	that can't call InitializeCriticalSection() due to their context.

	* mutex.c (pthread_mutex_init): Set valid flag.
	(pthread_mutex_destroy): Clear valid flag.
	(pthread_mutex_lock): Check and handle the valid flag.
	(pthread_mutex_unlock): Likewise.
	(pthread_mutex_trylock): Likewise.

	* tests/mutex3.c: New file; test for the static initialisation
	macro. Passes.

	* tests/create1.c: New file; test pthread_create(). Passes.
	* tests/equal.c: Poor test; remove.
	* tests/equal1.c New file; test pthread_equal(). Passes.

	* tests/once1.c: New file; test for pthread_once(). Passes.

	* tests/self.c: Remove; rename to self1.c.

	* tests/self1.c: This is the old self.c.

	* tests/self2.c: New file. Test pthread_self() with a single
	thread. Passes.

	* tests/self3.c: New file. Test pthread_self() with a couple of
	threads to ensure their thread IDs differ. Passes.
1998-10-04  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* tests/mutex2.c: Test pthread_mutex_trylock(). Passes.

	* tests/mutex1.c: New basic test for mutex functions (it passes).
	(main): Eliminate warning.

	* configure.in: Test for __stdcall, not _stdcall. Typo.

	* configure: Regenerate.

	* attr.c (pthread_attr_setstackaddr): Remove FIXME comment. Win32
	does know about ENOSYS after all.
	(pthread_attr_setstackaddr): Likewise.

1998-10-03  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* configure.in: Test for the `_stdcall' keyword.  Define `STDCALL'
	to `_stdcall' if we have it, null otherwise.

	* configure: Regenerate.

	* acconfig.h (STDCALL): New define.

	* config.h.in: Regenerate.

	* create.c (_pthread_start_call): Add STDCALL prefix.
	* mutex.c (pthread_mutex_init): Correct function signature.

	* attr.c (pthread_attr_init): Only zero out the `sigmask' member
	if we have the sigset_t type.

	* pthread.h: No need to include <unistd.h>.  It doesn't even exist
	on Win32! Again, an artifact of cross-compilation.	
	(pthread_sigmask): Only provide if we have the sigset_t type.

	* process.h: Remove. This was a stand-in before we started doing
	native compilation under Win32.

	* pthread.h (pthread_mutex_init): Make `attr' argument const.

1998-10-02  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* COPYING: Remove.

	* COPYING.LIB: Add. This library is under the LGPL.

1998-09-13  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* configure.in: Test for required system features.

	* configure: Generate. 

	* acconfig.h: New file.

	* config.h.in: Generate.

	* Makefile.in: Renamed from Makefile.

	* COPYING: Import from a recent GNU package.

	* config.guess: Likewise.

	* config.sub: Likewise.

	* install-sh: Likewise.

	* config.h: Remove.  

	* Makefile: Likewise.

1998-09-12  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* windows.h: No longer needed; remove.

	* windows.c: Likewise.

Sat Sep 12 20:09:24 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* windows.h: Remove error number definitions. These are in <errno.h>
	* tsd.c: Add comment explaining rationale for not building
	POSIX TSD on top of Win32 TLS.

1998-09-12  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* {most}.c: Include <errno.h> to get POSIX error values.

	* signal.c (pthread_sigmask): Only provide if HAVE_SIGSET_T is
	* config.h: #undef features, don't #define them.  This will be
	generated by autoconf very soon.
1998-08-11  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* Makefile (LIB): Define.
	(clean): Define target.
	(all): Build a library not just the object files.

	* pthread.h: Provide a definition for struct timespec if we don't
	already have one.

	* windows.c (TlsGetValue): Bug fix.
Thu Aug  6 15:19:22 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@swan.canberra.edu.au>

	* misc.c (pthread_once): Fix arg 1 of EnterCriticalSection()
 	and LeaveCriticalSection() calls to pass address-of lock.

	* fork.c (pthread_atfork): Typecast (void (*)(void *)) funcptr
	in each _pthread_handler_push() call.

	* exit.c (_pthread_exit): Fix attr arg in 
	pthread_attr_getdetachstate() call.

	* private.c (_pthread_new_thread): Typecast (HANDLE) NULL.
	(_pthread_delete_thread): Ditto.

	* implement.h: (_PTHREAD_MAX_THREADS): Add define. This keeps
	changing in an attempt to make thread administration data types
	opaque and cleanup DLL startup.

	* dll.c (PthreadsEntryPoint): 
	(_pthread_virgins): Remove malloc() and free() calls.
	(_pthread_reuse): Ditto.
	(_pthread_win32handle_map): Ditto.
	(_pthread_threads_mutex_table): Ditto.

	* global.c (_POSIX_THREAD_THREADS_MAX): Initialise with 
	(_pthread_virgins): Ditto.
	(_pthread_reuse): Ditto.
	(_pthread_win32handle_map): Ditto.
	(_pthread_threads_mutex_table): Ditto.

	* create.c (pthread_create): Typecast (HANDLE) NULL.
	Typecast (unsigned (*)(void *)) start_routine.

	* condvar.c (pthread_cond_init): Add address-of operator & to
	arg 1 of pthread_mutex_init() call.
	(pthread_cond_destroy): Add address-of operator & to
	arg 1 of pthread_mutex_destroy() call. 

	* cleanup.c (_pthread_destructor_pop_all): Add (int) cast to 
	pthread_getspecific() arg.
	(_pthread_destructor_pop): Add (void *) cast to "if" conditional.
	(_pthread_destructor_push): Add (void *) cast to
	_pthread_handler_push() "key" arg.
	(malloc.h): Add include.

	* implement.h (_pthread_destructor_pop): Add prototype.

	* tsd.c (implement.h): Add include.

	* sync.c (pthread_join): Remove target_thread_mutex and it's
	initialisation. Rename getdetachedstate to getdetachstate.
	Remove unused variable "exitcode".
	(pthread_detach): Remove target_thread_mutex and it's
	initialisation. Rename getdetachedstate to getdetachstate.
	Rename setdetachedstate to setdetachstate.

	* signal.c (pthread_sigmask): Rename SIG_SET to SIG_SETMASK.
	Cast "set" to (long *) in assignment to passify compiler warning.
	Add address-of operator & to thread->attr.sigmask in memcpy() call
	and assignment.
	(pthread_sigmask): Add address-of operator & to thread->attr.sigmask
	in memcpy() call and assignment.


	* sched.c (is_attr): Add function.
	(implement.h): Add include.
	(pthread_setschedparam): Rename all instances of "sched_policy"
	to "sched_priority".
	(pthread_getschedparam): Ditto.

Tue Aug  4 16:57:58 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@swan.canberra.edu.au>

	* private.c (_pthread_delete_thread): Fix typo. Add missing ';'.

	* global.c (_pthread_virgins): Change types from pointer to 
	array pointer.
	(_pthread_reuse): Ditto.
	(_pthread_win32handle_map): Ditto.
	(_pthread_threads_mutex_table): Ditto.

	* implement.h(_pthread_virgins): Change types from pointer to 
	array pointer.
	(_pthread_reuse): Ditto.
	(_pthread_win32handle_map): Ditto.
	(_pthread_threads_mutex_table): Ditto.

	* private.c (_pthread_delete_thread): Fix "entry" should be "thread".

	* misc.c (pthread_self): Add extern for _pthread_threadID_TlsIndex.

	* global.c: Add comment.

	* misc.c (pthread_once): Fix member -> dereferences.
	Change _pthread_once_flag to once_control->flag in "if" test.

Tue Aug  4 00:09:30 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* implement.h(_pthread_virgins): Add extern.
	(_pthread_virgin_next): Ditto.
	(_pthread_reuse): Ditto.
	(_pthread_reuse_top): Ditto.
	(_pthread_win32handle_map): Ditto.
	(_pthread_threads_mutex_table): Ditto.

	* global.c (_pthread_virgins): Changed from array to pointer.
	Storage allocation for the array moved into dll.c.
	(_pthread_reuse): Ditto.
	(_pthread_win32handle_map): Ditto.
	(_pthread_threads_mutex_table): Ditto.

	* dll.c (PthreadsEntryPoint): Set up thread admin storage when
	DLL is loaded.

	* fork.c (pthread_atfork): Fix function pointer arg to all
	_pthread_handler_push() calls. Change "arg" arg to NULL in child push.

	* exit.c: Add windows.h and process.h includes.
	(_pthread_exit): Add local detachstate declaration.
	(_pthread_exit): Fix incorrect name for pthread_attr_getdetachstate().

	* pthread.h (_POSIX_THREAD_ATTR_STACKSIZE): Move from global.c

	* create.c (pthread_create): Fix #if should be #ifdef.
	(_pthread_start_call): Remove usused variables.

	* process.h: Create.

	* windows.h: Move _beginthreadex and _endthreadex into

Mon Aug  3 21:19:57 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* condvar.c (pthread_cond_init): Add NULL attr to
	pthread_mutex_init() call - default attributes will be used.
	(cond_wait): Fix typo.
	(cond_wait): Fix typo - cv was ev.
	(pthread_cond_broadcast): Fix two identical typos.

	* cleanup.c (_pthread_destructor_pop_all): Remove _ prefix from

	* pthread.h: Move _POSIX_* values into posix.h

	* pthread.h: Fix typo in pthread_mutex_init() prototype.

	* attr.c (pthread_attr_init): Fix error in priority member init.

	* windows.h (THREAD_PRIORITY_NORMAL): Add.

	* pthread.h (sched_param): Add missing ';' to struct definition. 

	* attr.c (pthread_attr_init): Remove obsolete pthread_attr_t
	member initialisation - cancelstate, canceltype, cancel_pending.
	(is_attr): Make arg "attr" a const.

	* implement.h (_PTHREAD_HANDLER_POP_LIFO): Remove definition.
	(_PTHREAD_VALID): Add missing newline escape (\).
	(_pthread_handler_node): Make element "next" a pointer.

1998-08-02  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* windows.h: Remove duplicate TlsSetValue() prototype.  Add 
	TlsGetValue() prototype.
	(FALSE): Define.
	(TRUE): Likewise.
	Add forgotten errno values.  Guard against multiple #includes.

	* windows.c: New file.  Implement stubs for Win32 functions.

	* Makefile (SRCS): Remove.  Not explicitly needed.
	(CFLAGS): Add -Wall for all warnings with GCC.

Sun Aug  2 19:03:42 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* config.h: Create. This is a temporary stand-in for autoconf yet
	to be done.

	* pthread.h: Minor rearrangement for temporary config.h.

Fri Jul 31 14:00:29 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@swan.canberra.edu.au>

	* cleanup.c (_pthread_destructor_pop): Implement. Removes
	destructors associated with a key without executing them.
	(_pthread_destructor_pop_all): Add FIXME comment.

	* tsd.c (pthread_key_delete): Add call to _pthread_destructor_pop().

Fri Jul 31 00:05:45 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* tsd.c (pthread_key_create): Update to properly associate
	the destructor routine with the key.
	(pthread_key_delete): Add FIXME comment.

	* exit.c (_pthread_vacuum): Add call to

	* implement.h (_pthread_handler_pop_all): Add prototype.
	(_pthread_destructor_pop_all): Ditto.

	* cleanup.c (_pthread_destructor_push): Implement. This is just a
	call to _pthread_handler_push().
	(_pthread_destructor_pop_all): Implement. This is significantly
	different to _pthread_handler_pop_all().

	* Makefile (SRCS): Create. Preliminary.

	* windows.h: Create. Contains Win32 definitions for compile
	testing. This is just a standin for the real one.

	* pthread.h (SIG_UNBLOCK): Fix typo. Was SIG_BLOCK.
	(windows.h): Add include. Required for CRITICAL_SECTION.
	(pthread_cond_t): Move enum declaration outside of struct
	(unistd.h): Add include - may be temporary.

	* condvar.c (windows.h): Add include.

	* implement.h (_PTHREAD_THIS): Remove - no longer required.
	(_PTHREAD_STACK): Use pthread_self() instead of _PTHREAD_THIS.

Thu Jul 30 23:12:45 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* implement.h: Remove _pthread_find_entry() prototype.

	* private.c: Extend comments.
	Remove _pthread_find_entry() - no longer needed.

	* create.c (_pthread_start_call): Add call to TlsSetValue() to
	store the thread ID.

	* dll.c (PthreadsEntryPoint): Implement. This is called
	whenever a process loads the DLL. Used to initialise thread
	local storage.

	* implement.h: Add _pthread_threadID_TlsIndex.
	Add ()s around _PTHREAD_VALID expression.

	* misc.c (pthread_self): Re-implement using Win32 TLS to store
	the threads own ID.

Wed Jul 29 11:39:03 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* private.c: Corrections in comments.
	(_pthread_new_thread): Alter "if" flow to be more natural.

	* cleanup.c (_pthread_handler_push): Same as below.

	* create.c (pthread_create): Same as below.

	* private.c (_pthread_new_thread): Rename "new" to "new_thread".
	Since when has a C programmer been required to know C++?

Tue Jul 28 14:04:29 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@swan.canberra.edu.au>

	* implement.h: Add _PTHREAD_VALID macro.

	* sync.c (pthread_join): Modify to use the new thread
	type and _pthread_delete_thread(). Rename "target" to "thread".
	Remove extra local variable "target".
	(pthread_detach): Ditto.

	* signal.c (pthread_sigmask): Move init of "us" out of inner block.
	Fix instance of "this" should have been "us". Rename "us" to "thread".

	* sched.c (pthread_setschedparam): Modify to use the new thread
	(pthread_getschedparam): Ditto.

	* private.c (_pthread_find_thread): Fix return type and arg.

	* implement.h: Remove _PTHREAD_YES and _PTHREAD_NO.
	(_pthread_new_thread): Add prototype.
	(_pthread_find_thread): Ditto.
	(_pthread_delete_thread): Ditto.
	(_pthread_new_thread_entry): Remove prototype.
	(_pthread_find_thread_entry): Ditto.
	(_pthread_delete_thread_entry): Ditto.

	* create.c (pthread_create): Minor rename "us" to "new" (I need
	these cues but it doesn't stop me coming out with some major bugs
	at times).
	Load start_routine and arg into the thread so the wrapper can
	call it.

	* exit.c (pthread_exit): Fix pthread_this should be pthread_self.

	* cancel.c (pthread_setcancelstate): Change
 	_pthread_threads_thread_t * to pthread_t and init with
	(pthread_setcanceltype): Ditto.

	* exit.c (_pthread_exit): Add new pthread_t arg.
	Rename _pthread_delete_thread_entry to _pthread_delete_thread.
	Rename "us" to "thread".
	(pthread_exit): Call _pthread_exit with added thread arg.

	* create.c (_pthread_start_call): Insert missing ")".
	Add "us" arg to _pthread_exit() call.
	(pthread_create): Modify to use new thread allocation scheme.

	* private.c: Added detailed explanation of the new thread
	allocation scheme.
	(_pthread_new_thread): Totally rewritten to use
	new thread allocation scheme.
	(_pthread_delete_thread): Ditto.
	(_pthread_find_thread): Obsolete.

Mon Jul 27 17:46:37 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@swan.canberra.edu.au>

	* create.c (pthread_create): Start of rewrite. Not completed yet.

	* private.c (_pthread_new_thread_entry): Start of rewrite. Not

	* implement.h (_pthread_threads_thread): Rename, remove thread
	member, add win32handle and ptstatus members.
	(_pthread_t): Add.

	* pthread.h: pthread_t is no longer mapped directly to a Win32
	HANDLE type. This is so we can let the Win32 thread terminate and
	reuse the HANDLE while pthreads holds it's own thread ID until
	the last waiting join exits.

Mon Jul 27 00:20:37 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* private.c (_pthread_delete_thread_entry): Destroy the thread
 	entry attribute object before deleting the thread entry itself.

	* attr.c (pthread_attr_init): Initialise cancel_pending = FALSE.
	(pthread_attr_setdetachstate): Rename "detached" to "detachedstate".
	(pthread_attr_getdetachstate): Ditto.

	* exit.c (_pthread_exit): Fix incorrect check for detachedstate.

	* implement.h (_pthread_call_t): Remove env member. 

Sun Jul 26 13:06:12 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* implement.h (_pthread_new_thread_entry): Fix prototype.
	(_pthread_find_thread_entry): Ditto.
	(_pthread_delete_thread_entry): Ditto.
	(_pthread_exit): Add prototype.

	* exit.c (_pthread_exit): New function. Called from pthread_exit()
	and _pthread_start_call() to exit the thread. It allows an extra
	argument which is the return code passed to _endthreadex().
	(_pthread_exit): Move thread entry delete call from _pthread_vacuum()
	into here. Add more explanation of thread entry deletion.
	(_pthread_exit): Clarify comment.

	* create.c (_pthread_start_call): Change pthread_exit() call to
	_pthread_exit() call.

	* exit.c (_pthread_vacuum): Add thread entry deletion code
	moved from _pthread_start_call(). See next item.
	(pthread_exit): Remove longjmp(). Add mutex lock around thread table
	manipulation code. This routine now calls _enthreadex().

	* create.c (_pthread_start_call): Remove setjmp() call and move
	cleanup code out. Call pthread_exit(NULL) to terminate the thread.

1998-07-26  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* tsd.c (pthread_getspecific): Update comments.

	* mutex.c (pthread_mutexattr_setpshared): Not supported; remove.
	(pthread_mutexattr_getpshared): Likewise.

	* pthread.h (pthread_mutexattr_setpshared): Remove prototype.
	(pthread_mutexattr_getpshared): Likewise.

Sun Jul 26 00:09:59 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* sync.c: Rename all instances of _pthread_count_mutex to

	* implement.h: Rename _pthread_count_mutex to

	* global.c: Rename _pthread_count_mutex to

	* create.c (pthread_create): Add critical sections.
	(_pthread_start_call): Rename _pthread_count_mutex to

	* cancel.c (pthread_setcancelstate): Fix indirection bug and rename
	"this" to "us".

	* signal.c (pthread_sigmask): Rename "this" to "us" and fix some
	minor syntax errors. Declare "us" and initialise it.

	* sync.c (pthread_detach): Rename "this" to "target".

	* pthread.h: Converting PTHREAD_* defines to alias the (const int)
	values in global.c.

	* global.c: Started converting PTHREAD_* defines to (const int) as
 	a part of making the eventual pthreads DLL binary compatible
 	through version changes.

	* condvar.c (cond_wait): Add cancelation point. This applies the
	point to both pthread_cond_wait() and pthread_cond_timedwait().

	* exit.c (pthread_exit): Rename "this" to "us".

	* implement.h: Add comment.

	* sync.c (pthread_join): I've satisfied myself that pthread_detach()
	does set the detached attribute in the thread entry attributes
	to PTHREAD_CREATE_DETACHED. "if" conditions were changed to test
	that attribute instead of a separate flag.

	* create.c (pthread_create): Rename "this" to "us".
	(pthread_create): cancelstate and canceltype are not attributes
	so the copy to thread entry attribute storage was removed.
	Only the thread itself can change it's cancelstate or canceltype,
	ie. the thread must exist already.

	* private.c (_pthread_delete_thread_entry): Mutex locks removed.
	Mutexes must be applied at the caller level.
	(_pthread_new_thread_entry): Ditto.
	(_pthread_new_thread_entry): Init cancelstate, canceltype, and
	cancel_pending to default values.
	(_pthread_new_thread_entry): Rename "this" to "new".
	(_pthread_find_thread_entry): Rename "this" to "entry".
	(_pthread_delete_thread_entry): Rename "thread_entry" to "entry".

	* create.c (_pthread_start_call): Mutexes changed to
	_pthread_count_mutex. All access to the threads table entries is
	under the one mutex. Otherwise chaos reigns.

Sat Jul 25 23:16:51 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* implement.h (_pthread_threads_thread): Move cancelstate and
 	canceltype members out of pthread_attr_t into here.

	* fork.c (fork): Add comment.

1998-07-25  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* fork.c (fork): Autoconfiscate.

Sat Jul 25 00:00:13 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* create.c (_pthread_start_call): Set thread priority.  Ensure our
 	thread entry is removed from the thread table but only if
 	pthread_detach() was called and there are no waiting joins.
	(pthread_create): Set detach flag in thread entry if the 
	thread is created PTHREAD_CREATE_DETACHED.

	* pthread.h (pthread_attr_t): Rename member "detachedstate".

	* attr.c (pthread_attr_init): Rename attr members.

	* exit.c (pthread_exit): Fix indirection mistake.

	* implement.h (_PTHREAD_THREADS_TABLE_INDEX): Add.

	* exit.c (_pthread_vacuum): Fix incorrect args to
	_pthread_handler_pop_all() calls.
	Make thread entry removal conditional.

	* sync.c (pthread_join): Add multiple join and async detach handling.

	* implement.h (_PTHREAD_THREADS_TABLE_INDEX): Add.

	* global.c (_pthread_threads_mutex_table): Add.

	* implement.h (_pthread_once_flag): Remove.
	(_pthread_once_lock): Ditto.
	(_pthread_threads_mutex_table): Add.

	* global.c (_pthread_once_flag): Remove.
	(_pthread_once_lock): Ditto.

	* sync.c (pthread_join): Fix tests involving new return value
	from _pthread_find_thread_entry().
	(pthread_detach): Ditto.

	* private.c (_pthread_find_thread_entry): Failure return code
	changed from -1 to NULL.

Fri Jul 24 23:09:33 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* create.c (pthread_create): Change . to -> in sigmask memcpy() args.

	* pthread.h: (pthread_cancel): Add function prototype.
	(pthread_testcancel): Ditto.

1998-07-24  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* pthread.h (pthread_condattr_t): Rename dummy structure member.
	(pthread_mutexattr_t): Likewise.

Fri Jul 24 21:13:55 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* cancel.c (pthread_cancel): Implement.
	(pthread_testcancel): Implement.

	* exit.c (pthread_exit): Add comment explaining the longjmp().

	* implement.h (_pthread_threads_thread_t): New member cancelthread.
	(_PTHREAD_YES): Define.
	(_PTHREAD_NO): Define.
	(RND_SIZEOF): Remove.

	* create.c (pthread_create): Rename cancelability to cancelstate.

	* pthread.h (pthread_attr_t): Rename cancelability to cancelstate.

1998-07-24  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* pthread.h (SIG_BLOCK): Define if not already defined.
	(SIG_UNBLOCK): Likewise.
	(SIG_SETMASK): Likewise.
	(pthread_attr_t): Add signal mask member.
	(pthread_sigmask): Add function prototype.

	* signal.c (pthread_sigmask): Implement.

	* create.c: #include <string.h> to get a prototype for memcpy().
	(pthread_create): New threads inherit their creator's signal
	mask.  Copy the signal mask to the new thread structure if we know
	about signals.
Fri Jul 24 16:33:17 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@swan.canberra.edu.au>

	* fork.c (pthread_atfork): Add all the necessary push calls.
	Local implementation semantics:
	If we get an ENOMEM at any time then ALL handlers
	(including those from previous pthread_atfork() calls) will be
	popped off each of the three atfork stacks before we return.
	(fork): Add all the necessary pop calls. Add the thread cancellation
	and join calls to the child fork.
	Add #includes.

	* implement.h: (_pthread_handler_push): Fix return type and stack arg
	type in prototype.
	(_pthread_handler_pop): Fix stack arg type in prototype.
	(_pthread_handler_pop_all): Fix stack arg type in prototype.

	* cleanup.c (_pthread_handler_push): Change return type to int and
	return ENOMEM if malloc() fails.

	* sync.c (pthread_detach): Use equality test, not assignment.

	* create.c (_pthread_start_call): Add call to Win32 CloseHandle()
	if thread is detached.

1998-07-24  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* sync.c (pthread_detach): Close the Win32 thread handle to
	emulate detached (or daemon) threads.

Fri Jul 24 03:00:25 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* sync.c (pthread_join): Save valueptr arg in joinvalueptr for
	pthread_exit() to use.

	* private.c (_pthread_new_thread_entry): Initialise joinvalueptr to

	* create.c (_pthread_start_call): Rewrite to facilitate joins.
	pthread_exit() will do a longjmp() back to here. Does appropriate
	cleanup and exit/return from the thread.
	(pthread_create): _beginthreadex() now passes a pointer to our
	thread table entry instead of just the call member of that entry.

	* implement.h (_pthread_threads_thread): New member 
	void ** joinvalueptr.
	(_pthread_call_t): New member jmpbuf env.

	* exit.c (pthread_exit): Major rewrite to handle joins and handing
	value pointer to joining thread. Uses longjmp() back to 

	* create.c (pthread_create): Ensure values of new attribute members
	are copied to the thread attribute object.

	* attr.c (pthread_attr_destroy):  Fix merge conflicts.
	(pthread_attr_getdetachstate):  Fix merge conflicts.
	(pthread_attr_setdetachstate):  Fix merge conflicts.

	* pthread.h:  Fix merge conflicts.

	* sync.c (pthread_join): Fix merge conflicts.

Fri Jul 24 00:21:21 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* sync.c (pthread_join): Add check for valid and joinable
	(pthread_detach): Implement. After checking for a valid and joinable
	thread, it's still a no-op.

	* private.c (_pthread_find_thread_entry): Bug prevented returning
	an error value in some cases.

	* attr.c (pthread_attr_setdetachedstate): Implement.
	(pthread_attr_getdetachedstate): Implement.

	* implement.h: Move more hidden definitions into here from

1998-07-24  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* pthread.h (PTHREAD_CREATE_JOINABLE): Define.
	(pthread_attr_t): Add new structure member `detached'.
	(pthread_attr_getdetachstate): Add function prototype.
	(pthread_attr_setdetachstate): Likewise.

	* sync.c (pthread_join): Return if the target thread is detached.

	* attr.c (pthread_attr_init): Initialise cancelability and
	canceltype structure members.
	(pthread_attr_getdetachstate): Implement.
	(pthread_attr_setdetachstate): Likewise.

	* implement.h (_PTHREAD_CANCEL_DEFAULTS): Remove.  Bit fields
	proved to be too cumbersome.  Set the defaults in attr.c using the
	public PTHREAD_CANCEL_* constants.

	* cancel.c: New file.

	* pthread.h (sched_param): Define this type.
	(pthread_attr_getschedparam): Add function prototype.
	(pthread_attr_setschedparam): Likewise.
	(pthread_setcancelstate): Likewise.
	(pthread_setcanceltype): Likewise.
	(sched_get_priority_min): Likewise.
	(sched_get_priority_max): Likewise.
	(pthread_mutexattr_setprotocol): Remove; not supported.
	(pthread_mutexattr_getprotocol): Likewise.
	(pthread_mutexattr_setprioceiling): Likewise.
	(pthread_mutexattr_getprioceiling): Likewise.
	(pthread_attr_t): Add canceltype member.  Update comments.
	(SCHED_OTHER): Define this scheduling policy constant.
	(SCHED_FIFO): Likewise.
	(SCHED_RR): Likewise.
	(SCHED_MIN): Define the lowest possible value for this constant.
	(SCHED_MAX): Likewise, the maximum possible value.
	* sched.c: New file.
	(pthread_setschedparam): Implement.
	(pthread_getschedparam): Implement.
	(sched_get_priority_max): Validate policy argument.
	(sched_get_priority_min): Likewise.

	* mutex.c (pthread_mutexattr_setprotocol): Remove; not supported.
	(pthread_mutexattr_getprotocol): Likewise.
	(pthread_mutexattr_setprioceiling): Likewise.
	(pthread_mutexattr_getprioceiling): Likewise.

Fri Jul 24 00:21:21 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* create.c (pthread_create): Arg to _pthread_new_thread_entry()
	changed. See next entry. Move mutex locks out. Changes made yesterday
	and today allow us to start the new thread running rather than
	temporarily suspended.

	* private.c (_pthread_new_thread_entry): _pthread_thread_table
	was changed back to a table of thread structures rather than pointers.
	As such we're trading storage for increaded speed. This routine
	was modified to work with the new table. Mutex lock put in around
	global data accesses.
	(_pthread_find_thread_entry): Ditto
	(_pthread_delete_thread_entry): Ditto

Thu Jul 23 23:25:30 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* global.c: New. Global data objects declared here. These moved from

	* pthread.h: Move implementation hidden definitions into

	* implement.h: Move implementation hidden definitions from
	pthread.h. Add constants to index into the different handler stacks.

	* cleanup.c (_pthread_handler_push): Simplify args. Restructure.
	(_pthread_handler_pop): Simplify args. Restructure.
	(_pthread_handler_pop_all): Simplify args. Restructure.

Wed Jul 22 00:16:22 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* attr.c, implement.h, pthread.h, ChangeLog: Resolve CVS merge

	* private.c (_pthread_find_thread_entry): Changes to return type
	to support leaner _pthread_threads_table[] which now only stores
	_pthread_thread_thread_t *.
	(_pthread_new_thread_entry): Internal changes.
	(_pthread_delete_thread_entry): Internal changes to avoid contention.
 	Calling routines changed accordingly.

	* pthread.h: Modified cleanup macros to use new generic push and pop.
	Added destructor and atfork stacks to _pthread_threads_thread_t.

	* cleanup.c (_pthread_handler_push, _pthread_handler_pop,
	_pthread_handler_pop_all): Renamed cleanup push and pop routines
	and made generic to handle destructors and atfork handlers as

	* create.c (_pthread_start_call): New function is a wrapper for
	all new threads. It allows us to do some cleanup when the thread
	returns, ie. that is otherwise only done if the thread is cancelled.

	* exit.c (_pthread_vacuum): New function contains code from 
	pthread_exit() that we need in the new _pthread_start_call()
	as well.

	* implement.h: Various additions and minor changes.

	* pthread.h: Various additions and minor changes.
	Change cleanup handler macros to use generic handler push and pop

	* attr.c: Minor mods to all functions.
	(is_attr): Implemented missing function.

	* create.c (pthread_create): More clean up.

	* private.c (_pthread_find_thread_entry): Implement.
	(_pthread_delete_thread_entry): Implement.
	(_pthread_new_thread_entry): Implement.
	These functions manipulate the implementations internal thread
	table and are part of general code cleanup and modularisation.
	They replace _pthread_getthreadindex() which was removed.

	* exit.c (pthread_exit): Changed to use the new code above.

	* pthread.h: Add cancelability constants. Update comments.

1998-07-22  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* attr.c (pthread_setstacksize): Update test of attr argument.
	(pthread_getstacksize): Likewise.
	(pthread_setstackaddr): Likewise.
	(pthread_getstackaddr): Likewise.
	(pthread_attr_init): No need to allocate any storage.
	(pthread_attr_destroy): No need to free any storage.

	* mutex.c (is_attr): Not likely to be needed; remove.
	(remove_attr): Likewise.
	(insert_attr): Likewise.

	* implement.h (_pthread_mutexattr_t): Moved to a public definition
	in pthread.h.  There was little gain in hiding these details.
	(_pthread_condattr_t): Likewise.
	(_pthread_attr_t): Likewise.

	* pthread.h (pthread_atfork): Add function prototype.
	(pthread_attr_t): Moved here from implement.h.

	* fork.c (pthread_atfork): Preliminary implementation.
	(_pthread_fork): Likewise.

Wed Jul 22 00:16:22 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* cleanup.c (_pthread_cleanup_push): Implement.
	(_pthread_cleanup_pop): Implement.
	(_pthread_do_cancellation): Implement.
	These are private to the implementation. The real cleanup functions
	are macros. See below.

	* pthread.h (pthread_cleanup_push): Implement as a macro.
	(pthread_cleanup_pop): Implement as a macro.
	Because these are macros which start and end a block, the POSIX scoping
	requirement is observed. See the comment in the file.

	* exit.c (pthread_exit): Refine the code.

	* create.c (pthread_create): Code cleanup.

	* implement.h (RND_SIZEOF): Add RND_SIZEOF(T) to round sizeof(T)
	up to multiple of DWORD.
	Add function prototypes.

	* private.c (_pthread_getthreadindex): "*thread" should have been 
	"thread". Detect empty slot fail condition.

1998-07-20  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* misc.c (pthread_once): Implement.  Don't use a per-application
	flag and mutex--make `pthread_once_t' contain these elements in
	their structure.  The earlier version had incorrect semantics.
	* pthread.h (_pthread_once_flag): Add new variable.  Remove.
	(_pthread_once_lock): Add new mutex lock to ensure integrity of
	access to _pthread_once_flag.  Remove.
	(pthread_once): Add function prototype.
	(pthread_once_t): Define this type.
Mon Jul 20 02:31:05 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* private.c (_pthread_getthreadindex): Implement.

	* pthread.h: Add application static data dependent on
	_PTHREADS_BUILD_DLL define. This is needed to avoid allocating
	non-sharable static data within the pthread DLL.

	* implement.h: Add _pthread_cleanup_stack_t, _pthread_cleanup_node_t

	* exit.c (pthread_exit): Begin work on cleanup and de-allocate
	thread-private storage.

	* create.c (pthread_create): Add thread to thread table.
	Keep a thread-private copy of the attributes with default values
	filled in when necessary. Same for the cleanup stack. Make 
	pthread_create C run-time library friendly by using _beginthreadex()
	instead of CreateThread(). Fix error returns.

Sun Jul 19 16:26:23 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* implement.h: Rename pthreads_thread_count to _pthread_threads_count.
	Create _pthread_threads_thread_t struct to keep thread specific data.

	* create.c: Rename pthreads_thread_count to _pthread_threads_count.
	(pthread_create): Handle errors from CreateThread().

1998-07-19  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* condvar.c (pthread_cond_wait): Generalise.  Moved from here ..
	(cond_wait): To here.
	(pthread_cond_timedwait): Implement; use generalised cond_wait().

	* pthread.h (pthread_key_t): Define this type.
	(pthread_key_create): Add function prototype.
	(pthread_setspecific): Likewise.
	(pthread_getspecific): Likwise.
	(pthread_key_delete): Likewise.

	* tsd.c (pthread_key_create): Implement.
	(pthread_setspecific): Likewise.
	(pthread_getspecific): Likewise.
	(pthread_key_delete): Likewise.

	* mutex.c (pthread_mutex_trylock): Return ENOSYS if this function
	is called on a Win32 platform which is not Windows NT.

1998-07-18  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* condvar.c (pthread_condattr_init): Do not attempt to malloc any
	storage; none is needed now that condattr_t is an empty struct.
	(pthread_condattr_destory): Likewise; do not free storage.
	(pthread_condattr_setpshared): No longer supported; return ENOSYS.
	(pthread_condattr_getpshared): Likewise.
	(pthread_cond_init): Implement with help from Douglas Schmidt.
	Remember to initialise the cv's internal mutex.
	(pthread_cond_wait): Likewise.
	(pthread_cond_signal): Likewise.
	(pthread_cond_broadcast): Likewise.
	(pthread_cond_timedwait): Preliminary implementation, but I need
	to see some API documentation for `WaitForMultipleObject'.
	(pthread_destory): Implement.

	* pthread.h (pthread_cond_init): Add function protoype.
	(pthread_cond_broadcast): Likewise.
	(pthread_cond_signal): Likewise.
	(pthread_cond_timedwait): Likewise.
	(pthread_cond_wait): Likewise.
	(pthread_cond_destroy): Likewise.
	(pthread_cond_t): Define this type.  Fix for u_int.  Do not assume
	that the mutex contained withing the pthread_cond_t structure will
	be a critical section.  Use our new POSIX type!

	* implement.h (_pthread_condattr_t): Remove shared attribute.

1998-07-17  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* pthread.h (PTHREADS_PROCESS_PRIVATE): Remove.
	(PTHREAD_PROCESS_SHARED): Likewise.  No support for mutexes shared
	across processes for now.
	(pthread_mutex_t): Use a Win32 CRITICAL_SECTION type for better
	* implement.h (_pthread_mutexattr_t): Remove shared attribute.
	* mutex.c (pthread_mutexattr_setpshared): This optional function
	is no longer supported, since we want to implement POSIX mutex
	variables using the much more efficient Win32 critical section
	primitives.  Critical section objects in Win32 cannot be shared
	between processes.
	(pthread_mutexattr_getpshared): Likewise.
	(pthread_mutexattr_init): No need to malloc any storage; the
	attributes structure is now empty.
	(pthread_mutexattr_destroy): This is now a nop.
	(pthread_mutex_init): Use InitializeCriticalSection().
	(pthread_mutex_destroy): Use DeleteCriticalSection().
	(pthread_mutex_lock): Use EnterCriticalSection().
	(pthread_mutex_trylock): Use TryEnterCriticalSection().  This is
	not supported by Windows 9x, but trylock is a hack anyway, IMHO.
	(pthread_mutex_unlock): Use LeaveCriticalSection().

1998-07-14  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* attr.c (pthread_attr_setstacksize): Implement.
	(pthread_attr_getstacksize): Likewise.
	(pthread_attr_setstackaddr): Likewise.
	(pthread_attr_getstackaddr): Likewise.
	(pthread_attr_init): Likewise.
	(pthread_attr_destroy): Likewise.
	* condvar.c (pthread_condattr_init): Add `_cond' to function name.

	* mutex.c (pthread_mutex_lock): Add `_mutex' to function name.
	(pthread_mutex_trylock): Likewise.
	(pthread_mutex_unlock): Likewise.

	* pthread.h (pthread_condattr_setpshared): Fix typo.
	(pthread_attr_init): Add function prototype.
	(pthread_attr_destroy): Likewise.
	(pthread_attr_setstacksize): Likewise.
	(pthread_attr_getstacksize): Likewise.
	(pthread_attr_setstackaddr): Likewise.
	(pthread_attr_getstackaddr): Likewise.
Mon Jul 13 01:09:55 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* implement.h: Wrap in #ifndef _IMPLEMENT_H

	* create.c (pthread_create): Map stacksize attr to Win32.

	* mutex.c: Include implement.h

1998-07-13  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* condvar.c (pthread_condattr_init): Implement.
	(pthread_condattr_destroy): Likewise.
	(pthread_condattr_setpshared): Likewise.
	(pthread_condattr_getpshared): Likewise.
	* implement.h (PTHREAD_THREADS_MAX): Remove trailing semicolon.
	(PTHREAD_STACK_MIN): Specify; needs confirming.
	(_pthread_attr_t): Define this type.
	(_pthread_condattr_t): Likewise.

	* pthread.h (pthread_mutex_t): Define this type.
	(pthread_condattr_t): Likewise.
	(pthread_mutex_destroy): Add function prototype.
	(pthread_lock): Likewise.
	(pthread_trylock): Likewise.
	(pthread_unlock): Likewise.
	(pthread_condattr_init): Likewise.
	(pthread_condattr_destroy): Likewise.
	(pthread_condattr_setpshared): Likewise.
	(pthread_condattr_getpshared): Likewise.

	* mutex.c (pthread_mutex_init): Implement.
	(pthread_mutex_destroy): Likewise.
	(pthread_lock): Likewise.
	(pthread_trylock): Likewise.
	(pthread_unlock): Likewise.

1998-07-12  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* implement.h (_pthread_mutexattr_t): Define this implementation
	internal type.  Application programmers only see a mutex attribute
	object as a void pointer.

	* pthread.h (pthread_mutexattr_t): Define this type.
	(pthread_mutexattr_init): Add function prototype.
	(pthread_mutexattr_destroy): Likewise.
	(pthread_mutexattr_setpshared): Likewise.
	(pthread_mutexattr_getpshared): Likewise.
	(pthread_mutexattr_setprotocol): Likewise.
	(pthread_mutexattr_getprotocol): Likewise.
	(pthread_mutexattr_setprioceiling): Likewise.
	(pthread_mutexattr_getprioceiling): Likewise.

	* mutex.c (pthread_mutexattr_init): Implement.
	(pthread_mutexattr_destroy): Implement.
	(pthread_mutexattr_setprotocol): Implement.
	(pthread_mutexattr_getprotocol): Likewise.
	(pthread_mutexattr_setprioceiling): Likewise.
	(pthread_mutexattr_getprioceiling): Likewise.
	(pthread_mutexattr_setpshared): Likewise.
	(pthread_mutexattr_getpshared): Likewise.
	(insert_attr): New function; very preliminary implementation!
	(is_attr): Likewise.
	(remove_attr): Likewise.
Sat Jul 11 14:48:54 1998  Ross Johnson  <rpj@ixobrychus.canberra.edu.au>

	* implement.h: Preliminary implementation specific defines.

	* create.c (pthread_create): Preliminary implementation.

1998-07-11  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* sync.c (pthread_join): Implement.

	* misc.c (pthread_equal): Likewise.
	* pthread.h (pthread_join): Add function prototype.
	(pthread_equal): Likewise.
1998-07-10  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* misc.c (pthread_self): Implement.

	* exit.c (pthread_exit): Implement.

	* pthread.h (pthread_exit): Add function prototype.
	(pthread_self): Likewise.
	(pthread_t): Define this type.

1998-07-09  Ben Elliston  <bje@cygnus.com>

	* create.c (pthread_create): A dummy stub right now.

	* pthread.h (pthread_create): Add function prototype.