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/* for running tests */
CCFLAGS 	= -g 
_MT		== 1
_timeb	== timeb
_ftime	== ftime 

.SOURCE:	tests
:PACKAGE:	pthread

set keepgoing

":test:" : .MAKE .OPERATOR
	local I
	$(<:D:B:S=.pass) : .IMPLICIT $(>:D:B:S=.pass)
	for I $(<) $(>)
		$(I:D:B:S=.pass) : .VIRTUAL .FORCE $(I)
loadfree::	loadfree.c
mutex1::	mutex1.c
mutex1e::	mutex1e.c
mutex1n::	mutex1n.c
mutex1r::	mutex1r.c
mutex2::	mutex1.2
exit1::		exit1.c
condvar1::	condvar1.c
self1::		self1.c
condvar2::	condvar2.c
condvar2_1::	condvar2_1.c
condvar3_1::	condvar3_1.c
condvar3_2::	condvar3_2.c
condvar3_3::	condvar3_3.c
create1.::	create1.c
cancel1::	cancel1.c
cancel2::	cancel2.c
mutex3::	mutex3.c
mutex4::	mutex4.c
mutex5::	mutex5.c
mutex6::	mutex6.c
mutex6e::	mutex6e.c
mutex6n::	mutex6n.c
mutex6r::	mutex6r.c
mutex7::	mutex7.c
mutex7e::	mutex7e.c
mutex7n::	mutex7n.c
mutex7r::	mutex7r.c
mutex8::	mutex8.c
mutex8e::	mutex8e.c
mutex8n::	mutex8n.c
mutex8r::	mutex8r.c
equal1::	equal1.c
exit2::		exit2.c
exit3::		exit3.c
exit4::		exit4.c
join0::		join0.c
join1::		join1.c
join2::		join2.c
count1::	count1.c
once1::		once1.c
tsd1::		tsd1.c
self2::		self2.c
eyal1::		eyal1.c
condvar3::	condvar3.c
condvar4::	condvar4.c
condvar5::	condvar5.c
condvar6::	condvar6.c
condvar7::	condvar7.c
condvar8::	condvar8.c
condvar9::	condvar9.c
errno1::	errno1.c
rwlock1::	rwlock1.c
rwlock2::	rwlock2.c
rwlock3::	rwlock3.c
rwlock4::	rwlock4.c
rwlock5::	rwlock5.c
rwlock6::	rwlock6.c
rwlock7::	rwlock7.c
context1::	context1.c
cancel3::	cancel3.c
cancel4::	cancel4.c
cancel5::	cancel5.c
cancel6a::	cancel6a.c
cancel6d::	cancel6d.c
cleanup0::	cleanup0.c
cleanup1::	cleanup1.c
cleanup2::	cleanup2.c
cleanup3::	cleanup3.c
priority1::     priority1.c
priority2::     priority2.c
inherit1::      inherit1.c
spin1::         spin1.c
spin2::         spin2.c
spin3::         spin3.c
spin4::         spin4.c
barrier1::      barrier1.c
barrier2::      barrier2.c
barrier3::      barrier3.c
barrier4::      barrier4.c
barrier5::      barrier5.c
exception1::	exception1.c
exception2::	exception2.c
exception3::	exception3.c
benchtest1::    benchtest1.c
benchtest2::    benchtest2.c
benchtest3::    benchtest3.c
benchtest4::    benchtest4.c
benchtest5::    benchtest5.c

loadfree:	:test:
mutex5		:test:	loadfree
mutex1		:test:	loadfree
mutex2		:test:	loadfree
exit1		:test:	loadfree
condvar1	:test:	loadfree
self1		:test:	loadfree
condvar2	:test:	condvar1
condvar2_1	:test:	condvar2
create1 	:test:	mutex2
cancel1		:test:	create1
cancel2		:test:	cancel1
mutex3		:test:	create1
mutex4		:test:	mutex3
mutex6		:test:	mutex4
mutex6n		:test:	mutex4
mutex6e		:test:	mutex4
mutex6r		:test:	mutex4
mutex7		:test:	mutex6
mutex7n		:test:	mutex6n
mutex7e		:test:	mutex6e
mutex7r		:test:	mutex6r
mutex8		:test:	mutex7
mutex8n		:test:	mutex7n
mutex8e		:test:	mutex7e
mutex8r		:test:	mutex7r
equal1		:test:	create1
exit2		:test:	create1
exit3		:test:	create1
join0		:test:	create1
join1		:test:	create1
join2		:test:	create1
count1		:test:	join1
once1		:test:	create1
tsd1		:test:	join1
self2		:test:	create1
eyal1		:test:	tsd1
condvar3	:test:	create1
condvar3_1	:test:	condvar3
condvar3_2	:test:	condvar3_1
condvar3_3	:test:	condvar3_2
condvar4	:test:	create1
condvar5	:test:	condvar4
condvar6	:test:	condvar5
condvar7	:test:	condvar6	cleanup1
condvar8	:test:	condvar7
condvar9	:test:	condvar8
errno1		:test:	mutex3
rwlock1		:test:	condvar6
rwlock2		:test:	rwlock1
rwlock3		:test:	rwlock2
rwlock4		:test:	rwlock3
rwlock5		:test:	rwlock4
rwlock6		:test:	rwlock5
context1	:test:	cancel2
cancel3		:test:	context1
cancel4		:test:	cancel3
cancel5		:test:	cancel3
cancel6a		:test:	cancel3
cancel6d		:test:	cancel3
cleanup0	:test:	cancel5
cleanup1	:test:	cleanup0
cleanup2	:test:	cleanup1
cleanup3	:test:	cleanup2
priority1       :test:  join1
priority2       :test:  priority1
inherit1        :test:  join1
spin1           :test:
spin2           :test:  spin1.c
spin3           :test:  spin2.c
spin4           :test:  spin3.c
barrier1        :test:
barrier2        :test:  barrier1.c
barrier3        :test:  barrier2.c
barrier4        :test:  barrier3.c
barrier5        :test:  barrier4.c
benchtest1      :test:  mutex3
benchtest2      :test:  benchtest1
benchtest3      :test:  benchtest2
benchtest4      :test:  benchtest3
benchtest5      :test:  benchtest4
exception1	:test:	cancel4
exception2	:test:	exception1
exception3	:test:	exception2
exit4		:test:	exit3

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