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--- a/tests/Wmakefile
+++ b/tests/Wmakefile
@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@
 	  mutex2r.pass  mutex2e.pass  mutex3r.pass  mutex3e.pass  &
 	  condvar1.pass  condvar1_1.pass  condvar1_2.pass  condvar2.pass  condvar2_1.pass  &
 	  exit1.pass  create1.pass  create2.pass  reuse1.pass  reuse2.pass  equal1.pass  &
-	  kill1.pass  valid1.pass  valid2.pass  &
+	  sequence1.pass  kill1.pass  valid1.pass  valid2.pass  &
 	  exit2.pass  exit3.pass  exit4  exit5  &
 	  join0.pass  join1.pass  detach1.pass  join2.pass join3.pass  &
 	  mutex4.pass  mutex6.pass  mutex6n.pass  mutex6e.pass  mutex6r.pass  &
@@ -309,11 +309,6 @@
 mutex8n.pass: mutex7n.pass
 mutex8e.pass: mutex7e.pass
 mutex8r.pass: mutex7r.pass
-robust1.pass: mutex8r.pass
-robust2.pass: mutex8r.pass
-robust3.pass: robust2.pass
-robust4.pass: robust3.pass
-robust5.pass: robust4.pass
 once1.pass: create1.pass
 once2.pass: once1.pass
 once3.pass: once2.pass
@@ -322,6 +317,11 @@
 priority2.pass: priority1.pass barrier3.pass
 reuse1.pass: create2.pass
 reuse2.pass: reuse1.pass
+robust1.pass: mutex8r.pass
+robust2.pass: mutex8r.pass
+robust3.pass: robust2.pass
+robust4.pass: robust3.pass
+robust5.pass: robust4.pass
 rwlock1.pass: condvar6.pass
 rwlock2.pass: rwlock1.pass
 rwlock3.pass: rwlock2.pass
@@ -343,6 +343,7 @@
 semaphore4.pass: semaphore3.pass cancel1.pass
 semaphore4t.pass: semaphore4.pass
 semaphore5.pass: semaphore4.pass
+sequence1.pass: reuse2.pass
 spin2.pass: spin1.pass

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