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  • Posted a comment on discussion General Discussion on UniversalIndentGUI

    Is it configurable somewhere (or can it be made so) as to (mainly) how to set the background from a bright-white to black? Using "pastel code-hilighting" on top of bright-white is less than ideal for contrast (looking at some of the colors I see an over 70% brightness value, where the recommended value for reading is 46% (, Thanks!

  • Posted a comment on discussion Help on UniversalIndentGUI

    Why does "universalindentgui" (at try to take you to a sf site under ".io" (which gives a 404 error), but "" works & gives the 'gui' website? Also, tried to report incident (this one being one), from the site, and that also tried to go to the .io site -- and also 404'd. Seems like the links are "way" messed up... :-)...? but these weren't my original question/incident. Will post that separatingly (really more of an enhancement, but maybe it's already...

  • Created ticket #46 on bash debugger

    getting odd error trying to step into function (in environment)

  • Created ticket #907 on Transmission Remote GUI

    project won't build w/laz tools on windows

  • Posted a comment on ticket #906 on Transmission Remote GUI

    ^^ what they said. Same goes for jumping to project homepage. I was looking for any...

  • Created ticket #903 on Transmission Remote GUI

    trxGui doesn't move multiple items but it does move 1 item

  • Created ticket #15 on IPMI Management Utilities

    ipmiutil shouldn't check for root

  • Posted a comment on ticket #378 on IPMItool

    I think I confused ipmitool and ipmiutil...

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