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雷霄骅 Lei Xiaohua
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Lei Xiaohua's learning resource about video/audio technics

About Me

Name:Lei Xiaohua
Communication University of China
Bachelor: Radio and Television Engineering
Master: Digital Television Technology
Doctor: Digital Video Technology
Localtion: Chaoyang, Beijing, China
Mail: leixiaohua1020@126.com
Website: http://blog.csdn.net/leixiaohua1020
SourceForge site: https://sourceforge.net/u/leixiaohua1020/wiki/Home/
Github site: http://leixiaohua1020.github.com/

This wiki contains some of my learning resources about video/audio technnics.

My projects List

My projects can be devided to following categories:

  • Experiment Projects
  • FFmpeg Development Examples
  • FFmpeg Transplant Projects
  • Multimedia Projects Development Examples
  • Small Analysis Tools

Experiment Projects

open-source stream analysis software
Tools used to calculate video's TI and SI

FFmpeg Development Examples

This category contains some simple demos about FFmpeg. It's suitable for the beginner of FFmpeg.

It contains following projects:
simplest ffmpeg player
simplest ffmpeg audio player
simplest ffmpeg pic encoder
simplest ffmpeg video encoder
simplest ffmpeg audio encoder
simplest ffmpeg streamer
simplest ffmpeg mem handler
simplest ffmpeg device
simplest ffmpeg format
simplest ffmpeg video filter
simplest ffmpeg swscale
simplest ffmpeg avutil
simplest ffmpeg mobile

FFmpeg Transplant Projects

ffplay for MFC
ffplay transplant to MFC

ffmpeg for MFC
ffmpeg transplant to MFC

Multimedia Projects Development Examples

This category contains some simple demos about Multimedia development.

It contains following projects:
simplest media play
simplest encoder
simplest libRTMP example
simplest libVLC example
simplest directshow example

Small Analysis Tools

This category contains some simple stram analysis tools based on MFC. It's suitable for the beginner of Audio/Video Technics.

It contains following projects:
FLV Format Analysis
TS Format Analysis
H264 Stream Analysis
JPEG Analysis
AAC Stream Analysis

Source Analysis Pictures

Here show some of my source analysis pictures. For more details please visit my Blog.

FFmpeg Command Line Tool Source Analysis
ffplay.c source analysis:[ffplayc_source_analysis]
ffmpeg.c source analysis:[ffmpegc_source_analysis]

FFmpeg Library Source Analysis
ffmpeg structure-decode:[ffmpeg_structure_decode]
ffmpeg structure-encode:[ffmpeg_structure_encode]
ffmpeg util API:[ffmpeg_util_api]
ffmpeg swscale API:[ffmpeg_swscale_api]
ffmpeg script:[ffmpeg_script_api]

H.264/HEVC Source Analysis
ffmpeg h264 decoder analysis[ffmpeg_h264_decoder_analysis]
ffmpeg hevc decoder analysis[ffmpeg_hevc_decoder_analysis]
x264 encoder analysis[x264_encoder_analysis]

H.264/HEVC Official Modal Source Analysis
JM analysis[jm_analysis]
HM analysis[hm_analysis]

sdl2 source analysis:[sdl2_source_analysis]


Wiki: ffmpeg_h264_decoder_analysis
Wiki: ffmpeg_hevc_decoder_analysis
Wiki: ffmpeg_script_api
Wiki: ffmpeg_structure_decode
Wiki: ffmpeg_structure_encode
Wiki: ffmpegc_source_analysis
Wiki: ffmpegmfc
Wiki: ffplayc_source_analysis
Wiki: ffplaymfc
Wiki: hm_analysis
Wiki: jm_analysis
Wiki: multimedia_development
Wiki: sdl2_source_analysis
Wiki: simplest_ffmpeg_tutorial
Wiki: small_analysis_tools
Wiki: videoeye
Wiki: x264_encoder_analysis