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  • Committed [69160b]

    Make writing outlines with Cairo actually work

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  • Committed [651168]

    Combine the two if’s

  • Committed [c04b4b]

    Add an option to use Pango for drawing glyph cells

  • Committed [630253]

    Add an option for writing outlines directly

  • Committed [2b53b0]

    Fix warning

  • Posted a comment on ticket #5 on fntsample

    I can make it an option and send a GitHub pull request. For my fonts the difference between using Freetype and Pango is the difference between not showing glyphs at all and showing them correctly. The dotted cirrcle is a feature for me as well (though it can be disable by putting a space before the marks), as it makes combining from non-compining marks clear and make it easy to see if the mark applies above or below the base.

  • Posted a comment on ticket #5 on fntsample

    It was introduced in Pango 1.37, released in May 2015 (based on the git tag).

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