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 examples 2013-11-22 Kamil Chmielewski Kamil Chmielewski [83961f] Test should use same indentation style. Especia...
 unit 2013-11-18 [ffe7a6] Added necessary header. unknown
 README 2013-07-05 Neil Neil [9b77b9] Implemented tests for Qt on Linux. 2013-07-07 Neil Neil [3744d8] First argument to SetText is not used so was di... unknown 2013-09-21 nyamatongwe nyamatongwe [fe519b] Fix test script to match move of scripts. 2013-07-05 Neil Neil [9b77b9] Implemented tests for Qt on Linux. 2013-11-22 Kamil Chmielewski Kamil Chmielewski [0b2b2a] Assertion failure in Lexer tests prints visual ... 2013-07-08 Neil Neil [d31c5a] Fix to work on more versions of Python. 2013-09-26 Neil Neil [cdbcf0] Enhance stability by defining GetLineEndPositio... unknown

Read Me

The test directory contains some unit and performance tests for Scintilla.

The tests can only be run on Windows or Linux/Qt using Python 2.7 or 3.x.
Python 2.7+ is required because the bytes string type and literals are available.
Scintilla must be built before running any tests.

A test application for Windows only is in and this can be run to experiment:

To run the basic tests:

There are some lexing tests with simple input files in several languages in the examples 
subdirectory and their expected lexed states in *.styled where the start of each style 
is marked with {styleNumber}, for example:

To run the lexing tests:

To check for performance regressions:
While each test run will be different and the timer has only limited granularity, some results
from a 2 GHz Athlon with a DEBUG build are:
 0.187 testAddLine
. 0.203 testAddLineMiddle
. 0.171 testHuge
. 0.203 testHugeInserts
. 0.312 testHugeReplace

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