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[fb1c79] (3.0 kB) by Neil Hodgson Neil Hodgson

Bug: [#1448]. Detect QT 5.x and add widgets to QT to allow building.

2013-05-06 05:41:11 View
[973951] (3.0 kB) by Neil Hodgson Neil Hodgson

On Linux, disable warnings that occur in PySide generated code or PySide headers
included by that code. This is done by changing the compile flags on all files
which is unfortunate but the warnings are not that important and will trigger
for most code when building for GTK+ or Windows native.
empty-body occurs for code that looks like "{}".
unused-parameter occurs when a function parameter is not used.
This change enables the scite/scripts/ script to run without
any warning messages.

2012-05-27 10:50:04 View
[3f4a45] (2.9 kB) by nyamatongwe

Qt platform layer added. Based on an implementation from Jason Haslam
at Scientific Toolworks, Inc. with additions performed for Wingware.

2012-05-17 02:46:29 View