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[787b1b] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Fixed invalid octal number 0f.

2012-12-30 07:27:53 Tree
[e43030] by Mook Mook

cocoa: avoid dividing by zero when setting vertical scroll position

2012-10-26 20:43:14 Tree
[a43f9d] by nyamatongwe


2012-12-30 05:29:24 Tree
[253ede] by nyamatongwe

Bug #3578824. Ignore comments when evaluating preprocessor expressions.
From Isiledhel.

2012-12-30 05:20:46 Tree
[f3f911] by nyamatongwe

Bug #3578824. Avoid crashes due to char being signed so negative for non-ASCII.
From Isiledhel.

2012-12-30 05:16:58 Tree
[445c34] by Jakub Vrana Jakub Vrana

Group undo actions in autocomplete

2012-11-10 19:32:43 Tree
[957d57] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Included definition for Gui4Cli language.

2012-12-28 09:53:18 Tree
[85ed80] by nyamatongwe

Added tag rel-3-2-3 for changeset 7d54d6d61ace

2012-10-21 21:59:54 Tree
[7d54d6] (rel-3-2-3) by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Fixed bug number in history.

2012-10-20 12:04:59 Tree
[d6d58f] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Updating changes for 3.2.3.

2012-10-20 03:52:46 Tree
[9407ad] by nyamatongwe

Incrementing version number for 3.2.3.

2012-10-16 22:09:50 Tree
[2c5baa] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Limit horizontal scroll value so that it does not go negative when swiping
touchpad with a small scroll width.

2012-10-13 11:26:55 Tree
[fadbd5] by Colomban Wendling Colomban Wendling

LexCPP: recognize hexadecimal floating point binary exponents
lexers/LexCPP.cxx | 4 +++-
1 file changed, 3 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

2012-10-11 19:02:38 Tree
[0425eb] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Fix problem with find indicator showing upside down at wrong y-position when
applications built for 10.8.

2012-10-06 01:32:39 Tree
[ea9386] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Updated upgrade check numbers avoids dialogs.

2012-10-06 01:31:09 Tree
[13e09b] by nyamatongwe

Only look for D2D1.DLL and DWRITE.DLL in %windows%\system32 to avoid
malware loading from directory near front of DLL search path.
From Mat Berchtold.

2012-10-04 06:03:34 Tree
[157018] by nyamatongwe

Fix bug where non-ASCII hex escape did not match.

2012-10-04 05:54:08 Tree
[260333] by Jerome LAFORGE Jerome LAFORGE

Fix bad folding with CASE statement when it is used for assignment.
Reported by : Erik Sinde
Bug #3571820

2012-09-25 16:38:58 Tree
[4b2a15] by John Ehresman John Ehresman

Added autoCompleteCancelled signal

2012-09-24 19:40:37 Tree
[180792] by Neil Hodgson<>

Fix example PySide code to match current API.

2012-09-20 10:57:25 Tree
[3e574c] by nyamatongwe

Allow subclasses to modify padding when last segment on line is italics.
Used by ncurses platform layer.
From Mitchell Foral.

2012-09-19 12:42:10 Tree
[b93c27] by nyamatongwe

Handle nested delimiter pairs. Feature #3569352.
Bugs #1515556, #3008483, #3512208, #3515392.
From Kein-Hong Man.

2012-09-19 12:17:13 Tree
[7ee7d8] by nyamatongwe

Fix multiple issues with Bash lexing and folding. Bug #3526563.
From Kein-Hong Man.
- fixed SCE_PL_DEFAULT constant reported by Matthew Brush
- backtracks to previous line if necessary to resolve refresh issues for
multiline segments (this SF bug 3526563)
- properly refreshes HERE document body and code following it when HERE
delimiter is changed
- HERE delimiter with no ending quote is properly highlighted as an error,
this did not previously work
- leading spaces highlighted properly in quoted HERE delimiters
- recognizes '' and "" HERE delimiters to match blank lines

2012-09-16 13:27:36 Tree
[99867c] by Jerome LAFORGE Jerome LAFORGE

Fix bad folding block when LOOP statement nested into CASE statement.
Bug #3567905.

2012-09-15 09:04:35 Tree
[386eb5] by Colomban Wendling Colomban Wendling

Recognize Ruby HereDoc after an instance or class variable

This fixes highlighting HereDoc in constructs like this:

@foo.concat <<END

2012-09-14 18:06:50 Tree
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