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[5c2f72] by Mook Mook

Editor: SCI_LINESCROLL: treat columns as signed

2013-02-25 23:20:58 Tree
[cc4cd0] by nyamatongwe

Return last display line for document lines beyond document end.

2013-02-28 04:23:33 Tree
[03acc5] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Removed unnecessary code.

2013-02-28 03:07:34 Tree
[ded042] by nyamatongwe


2013-02-26 04:44:44 Tree
[3732d1] by nyamatongwe

Added tag rel-3-2-5 for changeset 74f6ed8c5737

2013-02-26 03:39:05 Tree
[74f6ed] (rel-3-2-5) by nyamatongwe

Mention provisional features.

2013-02-26 02:50:24 Tree
[c7b289] by nyamatongwe

Added Unicode support in StyleContext and LexAccessor::LineEnd to change list.

2013-02-26 02:44:57 Tree
[2040c4] by nyamatongwe

Updated change list with last fix.

2013-02-24 22:55:25 Tree
[7ed7f5] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Less intense version of previous change: just mark the view for drawing instead of drawing.

2013-02-24 06:52:35 Tree
[a45273] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Fix problem where abandoned paints may not cause redraw.

2013-02-24 00:24:27 Tree
[657c09] by nyamatongwe

Bug: [#1447]. Interpret PHP within HTML comments.

2013-02-22 23:13:58 Tree
[dd7ad0] by nyamatongwe

Fixed wording.

2013-02-22 09:20:46 Tree
[f290cc] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Listed changes for 3.2.5.

2013-02-22 08:50:00 Tree
[07d56c] by nyamatongwe

Prepare for 3.2.5.

2013-02-22 07:17:55 Tree
[8b9f87] by nyamatongwe

Longer name for new errorlist lexer state.

2013-02-22 07:07:08 Tree
[531c0c] by nyamatongwe

Define the maximum number of margins in Scintilla.iface.

2013-02-22 06:06:50 Tree
[48f869] by nyamatongwe

Feature: [#978]. Update preprocessor defines upon encountering an #undef directive.
From Alpha.

2013-02-21 02:52:35 Tree
[ab8733] by nyamatongwe

Fixed outdated comment.

2013-02-21 00:18:42 Tree
[a969be] by nyamatongwe

Recognise GCC include path diagnostics that appear before an error.

2013-02-20 02:41:17 Tree
[7b39c7] by nyamatongwe

Removed function that is no longer used.

2013-02-19 23:14:36 Tree
[b811a2] by nyamatongwe

Bug: [#1447]. Don't interrupt HTML comment for XML Processing Instruction.

2013-02-19 22:40:14 Tree
[63fd86] by nyamatongwe

Drop -Wno-long-long as it makes no difference on current systems.
Add --std=c++0x when compiling with clang as would like to move to c++11.
clang only works on new distributions so the option will be present when useful.

2013-02-18 06:14:35 Tree
[c01193] by nyamatongwe

Update make dependencies.

2013-02-18 06:11:45 Tree
[4010f1] by nyamatongwe

Don't draw line numbers before start of document.
For elastic over-shoot scrolling, Scintilla was drawing lines with
0, -1, ... in the margin.

2013-02-18 03:40:21 Tree
[1dd6cf] by nyamatongwe

Fix drawing of markers at negative coordinates due to integer truncation.
For elastic over-shoot scrolling, Scintilla may draw lines before 0 so
draws markers at negative coordinates. Normal float->int coercion uses
truncation so that markers will be drawn a pixel away from where they
should be for consistent placement within the marker space. If scrolling
causes drawing in slices, a line may be drawn twice.

2013-02-18 03:32:16 Tree
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