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[527231] by kudah kudah

* Fixed a bug when a dashes-only comment double-counted a line and could hang the editor
* Comments inside pragmas are now highlighted
* Reserved operators are now highlighted

2013-04-21 12:01:42 Tree
[8b789a] by nyamatongwe

Bug: [#1468]. Latex highlighting breaks Unicode characters if preceeded by \.
From Colomban Wendling.

2013-04-30 13:22:21 Tree
[b5123b] by nyamatongwe

Suppress a common style issue.

2013-04-29 11:00:22 Tree
[b7a032] by nyamatongwe

Change log.

2013-04-29 00:57:29 Tree
[80c5c2] by nyamatongwe

Use std::vector for list of watchers instead of manual management.

2013-04-27 23:53:27 Tree
[814d5c] by nyamatongwe

Removed unused members.

2013-04-27 22:47:16 Tree
[553989] by Neil Hodgson Neil Hodgson

modifierTranslated only used on X11 so only define it there.
Avoids a compiler warning.

2013-04-26 01:13:45 Tree
[27e23f] by Neil Hodgson Neil Hodgson

QInputContext is no longer available in Qt 5.

2013-04-26 01:09:03 Tree
[a7e785] by Neil Hodgson Neil Hodgson

Switch away from deprecated method.

2013-04-26 01:05:32 Tree
[c37c20] by Neil Hodgson Neil Hodgson

Use union to allow access to dynamic library functions.

2013-04-26 01:03:10 Tree
[313fe0] by

Release all cached fonts when finalising.

2013-04-25 23:12:05 Tree
[a492c2] by nyamatongwe

Bug: [#1467]. Don't change scroll position when window is zero size.

2013-04-25 22:19:50 Tree
[86ab63] by Neil Hodgson Neil Hodgson

Added memory sanitizer to clang debug builds.

2013-04-25 22:15:39 Tree
[fabcea] by nyamatongwe

Fix Direct2D drawing when returning from lock screen.

2013-04-25 00:23:32 Tree
[a6b4a7] by nyamatongwe

Extracted common code from branches.

2013-04-25 00:10:53 Tree
[21a3ca] by nyamatongwe

Fix bug with setting atLineEnd at end of document.

2013-04-24 23:38:06 Tree
[0738f2] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Feature: [feature-requests:#987]. Cocoa user interface validation.

2013-04-24 09:33:49 Tree
[58465a] by nyamatongwe

Cosmetic: remove line-end whitespace.

2013-04-24 06:33:36 Tree
[14d2fc] by nyamatongwe

Added automatic folding options.

2013-04-24 06:30:16 Tree
[85d241] by nyamatongwe

Implement commonly needed folding methods based on code from SciTE.

2013-04-21 06:13:28 Tree
[dffc57] by nyamatongwe

Added to help run cppcheck.

2013-04-20 01:38:07 Tree
[3176ee] by kudah kudah

* Implicit params
* ??Nice Character-lexing??

2013-04-19 11:21:28 Tree
[71f2d1] by nyamatongwe

Remove unused methods.

2013-04-19 10:33:00 Tree
[376046] by nyamatongwe

Using std::fill instead of a loop is much faster. As much as 4x on a large block.

2013-04-19 06:27:21 Tree
[3ef99a] by nyamatongwe

Updated changes.

2013-04-19 00:32:32 Tree
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