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 examples 2011-01-22 Thomas Perl Thomas Perl [d0d52c] Python JabberBot 0.11 released
 logo 2011-09-12 Malte Kuhn Malte Kuhn [323365] logo for python-jabberbot
 .gitattributes 2011-07-25 Malte Kuhn Malte Kuhn [d6e1dd] Registered commands should be INFO loglevel
 AUTHORS 2011-08-05 Malte Kuhn Malte Kuhn [7e31ec] Replacement for custom_message_handler.
 COPYING 2009-12-23 Thomas Perl Thomas Perl [7fa2c7] Add GPLv3 as "COPYING" file 2009-12-23 Thomas Perl Thomas Perl [775ad0] Jabberbot 0.9
 README 2011-09-11 Malte Kuhn Malte Kuhn [cd912f] Fixing uri's in README 2012-01-19 Thomas Perl Thomas Perl [31f6df] Don't update last ping time on data received 2011-07-31 Thomas Perl Thomas Perl [d7965a] JabberBot 0.14 released

Read Me


This is python-jabberbot. See [1] for more information. Source code is
available at [2] or [3] (use [4] or [5] as Git clone URL). The contributors involved in
this release can be found in the file AUTHORS. Example code that you can
use to get started can be found in the "examples/" subdirectory.

[4] git://
[5] git:// pythonjabberbot-code


 * xmpppy (
   On Debian-based systems, xmpppy is packaged as "python-xmpp"

Mailing list:

Bug tracker: