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    Just to clarify, I didn't port to GTK3, this is merging the gtk3 branch and then tweaking some things that needed fixed afterward.

  • Created merge request #6 on MComix

    Merge Old GTK3 Branch + Apply Other Needed Fixes

  • Committed [b98e16]

    removed in gst1.0

  • Committed [4e3f05]

    more removed in gst 1.0 (or at least, not built...

  • Committed [c5a133]

    force our hand - hardcoded 0.10 paths for provi...

  • Committed [719f54]

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sb-trunk-o...

  • Committed [45ce4d]

    it all works!

  • Committed [ba64d6]

    uncomment things

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