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  • Committed [r35290]

    Fix: uses a double quote instead of a single quote for formatted message [srd #1081079].

  • Committed [r35289]

    Fix: tests if the selected row is not null before casting it into an integer. if no row is selected in the Grid, the first row is considered as selected [srd #1080898].

  • Committed [r35283]

    Ext: merges branch kopi-E70 (Redefine and re-implement the concept of button fields and actor fields) into trunk [APPS-E70].

  • Committed [r35282]

    Ext: merges branch kopi-F42 (Messages implementations) into the trunk [APPS-F42].

  • Committed [r35281]

    Fix: handles null arguments array passed to formatMessage method [APPS-F42].

  • Committed [r35280]

    Ext: uses own_message vector to produce messages localization [APPS-F42].

  • Committed [r35279]

    Ext: adds the implementation of the messages definition in a window (form, chart and report). The standard choice pattern was extended to perform null and boolean tests on message parameters [APPS-F42].

  • Committed [r35278]

    Ext: creates a new branch for window messages implementation [APPS-F42].

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