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  • Modified ticket #105 on ZeosLib

    trim function not supported by firebird 1.5

  • Posted a comment on ticket #105 on ZeosLib

    Resolved by strict escape-pattern and version checks. Trim won't be used any more...

  • Modified ticket #120 on ZeosLib

    Postgresql, refresh table structure on every field every time.

  • Posted a comment on ticket #120 on ZeosLib

    We had a long discussion according the TableInfo-Cache. Original idea was a bugfix...

  • Committed [r3836]

    Merged revision(s) 3835 from trunk:

  • Committed [r3835]

    Merged revision(s) 3816-3834 from branches/test...

  • Committed [r3833]

    fix bad Pointer alignemt in RowBuffer for TZRaw...

  • Committed [r3832]

    strip comment

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