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    Hi Scott, Thanks for taking time to respond my ticket. Unfortunatelly this does not help me solving my issue as my primary issue is reading files where double quotes are used both as escape and quote character: I am processing such files coming out of salesforce, internal system and csutomers... I ended up using for these files a custom version of the basic parser that works based on a few assumptions (the main one being that if a field is not empty, it will always be enclosed in double quotes)....

  • Posted a comment on ticket #47 on opencsv

    Note: I dug a little bit more and the issue comes form the fact that OpenCSV does not accept the same character for both quote and escape for the parser, when by default it uses the same for the writer. In my real life case, I am processing a file with the issue outlined above, I added the file creation in the test case to help reproducing the issue - in short I still need a solution!

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    Parsing issue (file including content with backslash, double quotes and new lines)

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