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[d3a72e] (rel-1-26) by nyamatongwe

Select All has acceleratror Ctrl+A displayed.
GTK+ version uses delete_event rather than destroy so it can ask whether to
save files when fram closed and allow Cancel to work.

2000-06-13 13:11:27 Tree
[2f0437] by nyamatongwe

Updated for 1.26.

2000-06-13 09:38:44 Tree
[e53441] by nyamatongwe

Added to information on buffers and executing tools with GUIs.

2000-06-13 07:27:37 Tree
[b9096e] by nyamatongwe

Changed menu code so the Buffers menu only appears if buffers enabled.

2000-06-13 07:25:08 Tree
[d7a8e6] by nyamatongwe

Ctrl+Tab now does nothing if there are no files in the MRU.

2000-06-12 14:07:07 Tree
[ed2f65] by nyamatongwe

Updated documentation and checked spelling.

2000-06-12 14:00:38 Tree
[c0c492] by nyamatongwe

Lua language support from Paul Winwood.

2000-06-12 03:06:55 Tree
[203c5e] by nyamatongwe

Fixed problem with moving view range when changing buffers.

2000-06-11 13:04:53 Tree
[2c922e] by nyamatongwe

Moved GTK+ Scintilla widget definition out into ScintillaWidget.h

2000-06-11 08:05:38 Tree
[319e8d] by nyamatongwe

Fixed menu accelerators.

2000-06-08 14:07:57 Tree
[49a192] by nyamatongwe

Updated version numbers and credits.
Changed go to brace to use accelerators Ctrl+E and Ctrl+].
Added select to brace and made available as Ctrl+Shift+E and Ctrl+Shift+].

2000-06-08 13:19:14 Tree
[d15f49] by nyamatongwe

Cleaning up more.

2000-06-08 10:18:06 Tree
[de006b] by nyamatongwe

Recent files and buffers remember their selections.
Status bar column number takes tabs into account.

2000-06-08 10:16:31 Tree
[913876] by nyamatongwe

Philippe fixed background.

2000-06-08 10:14:15 Tree
[d1def1] by nyamatongwe

Buffers now working.
Better opening of files from error list.

2000-06-08 05:10:49 Tree
[7da73f] by nyamatongwe

Updated 16 colour icon.
Added file name correction and directory choice patch from Hans.

2000-06-03 02:41:36 Tree
[6a1e17] by nyamatongwe

Changed size of font for contributors so soesn't go blocky on GTK+.

2000-05-29 02:04:06 Tree
[7a5b98] by nyamatongwe

Properties files are now always read when buffers changed as not all
options were being set correctly before.
Property file option styling.within.preprocessor to turn on lexer option
that exits the preprocessor style immediately after the command word.

2000-05-27 02:24:25 Tree
[73dc53] by nyamatongwe

Removed marker comments by Philippe.

2000-05-27 02:22:17 Tree
[644d87] by nyamatongwe

Added lexer menu.
Added file open dialog size patch.

2000-05-27 02:20:50 Tree
[82977e] by nyamatongwe


2000-05-23 13:17:17 Tree
[ebc91a] by nyamatongwe

Ctrl+Shift+E = View End of Line.
Environment variable SciTE_HOME is used to find properties if set.

2000-05-21 14:35:37 Tree
[d1149b] by nyamatongwe

Nicer save prompt for untitled.

2000-05-21 14:14:45 Tree
[a8c992] by nyamatongwe

Fixes from Hans for turning off fold margin and corectly determining real file path.

2000-05-21 14:10:00 Tree
[16bca1] by nyamatongwe

Made work on GTK+.

2000-05-20 23:27:42 Tree
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