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[08fd73] (rel-1-27) by nyamatongwe

Updated sizes.

2000-06-24 00:36:33 Tree
[fe7f5d] by nyamatongwe

Changed timeGetTime to GetTickCOunt so could remove winmm library from
build as this slows start a lot for some machines.

2000-06-24 00:31:58 Tree
[a6a20a] by nyamatongwe

Updated sizes.

2000-06-23 14:59:14 Tree
[cd2b69] by nyamatongwe

Updated version number to 1.27.

2000-06-23 14:49:16 Tree
[bcaec6] by nyamatongwe

Added all the settings to the properties files so dont have to go looking
in documentation.

2000-06-23 13:20:10 Tree
[6bee1d] by nyamatongwe

Fixing up view whitespace and indentation guides options.

2000-06-22 14:04:32 Tree
[f6d77f] by nyamatongwe

Fixed up caret to blink.

2000-06-22 05:52:32 Tree
[601306] by nyamatongwe

Brace and guide highlighting work for ':' in Python.

2000-06-21 04:40:23 Tree
[7dcb30] by nyamatongwe

Indentation guides.

2000-06-21 03:00:51 Tree
[353feb] by nyamatongwe

Removed use of strlwr which is not available on Linux and wrote own version.

2000-06-19 02:29:12 Tree
[60e090] by nyamatongwe

Fixed grep to use quotes so Find in Files could search for #include.

2000-06-19 02:28:27 Tree
[d0b946] by nyamatongwe

Stopped closing a handle twice.

2000-06-19 01:45:13 Tree
[b382f8] by nyamatongwe

More fiddling with handles to ensured they are inherited only when needed
and closed.

2000-06-17 03:18:09 Tree
[732271] by nyamatongwe

Closing handles to prevent resource loss and leakage into child processes.

2000-06-17 02:16:07 Tree
[6038fe] by nyamatongwe

Using a decent sized buffer when running tools - 8192 bytes rather than
256 bytes.

2000-06-15 06:20:57 Tree
[570be4] by nyamatongwe

Updated running tools to use a decent sized buffer - 8192 bytes instead of
256 bytes.

2000-06-15 06:19:16 Tree
[00865f] by nyamatongwe

When copying curretn selection into $(CurrentSelection) up to two
trailing control characters are removed so tha selecting a line and using
it as an argument does not include the LF or CR+LF which can sace trouble.

2000-06-15 06:10:33 Tree
[aa56fe] by nyamatongwe

File extensions are changed to lowercase to match property file keys which
are now case sensitive.

2000-06-15 05:01:10 Tree
[2db9ac] by nyamatongwe

Patch from Hans to fix opening new file not being (Untitled).

2000-06-15 04:56:15 Tree
[d3a72e] (rel-1-26) by nyamatongwe

Select All has acceleratror Ctrl+A displayed.
GTK+ version uses delete_event rather than destroy so it can ask whether to
save files when fram closed and allow Cancel to work.

2000-06-13 13:11:27 Tree
[2f0437] by nyamatongwe

Updated for 1.26.

2000-06-13 09:38:44 Tree
[e53441] by nyamatongwe

Added to information on buffers and executing tools with GUIs.

2000-06-13 07:27:37 Tree
[b9096e] by nyamatongwe

Changed menu code so the Buffers menu only appears if buffers enabled.

2000-06-13 07:25:08 Tree
[d7a8e6] by nyamatongwe

Ctrl+Tab now does nothing if there are no files in the MRU.

2000-06-12 14:07:07 Tree
[ed2f65] by nyamatongwe

Updated documentation and checked spelling.

2000-06-12 14:00:38 Tree
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