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[ed6731] (rel-1-28) by nyamatongwe

Changed maximum number of bits allocated to styles to be 7 rather than 6.

2000-06-28 07:07:56 Tree
[37dae0] by nyamatongwe

Fixed SetCaretFore to be a set rather than a fun.

2000-06-28 07:06:20 Tree
[376a9f] by nyamatongwe

Explanations of builing and installing.
Explanations of new properties files locations and names.

2000-06-27 08:30:22 Tree
[85d4b0] by nyamatongwe

Updated to 1.28.

2000-06-27 05:13:29 Tree
[4d7692] by nyamatongwe

Removed winmm library.

2000-06-25 01:10:17 Tree
[a7fe12] by nyamatongwe

Fixed crash in indentation guides when indent size is 0.

2000-06-24 23:33:04 Tree
[2abff1] (rel-1-27) by nyamatongwe

Added methods for getting and setting the start and end of the selection.

2000-06-24 00:35:46 Tree
[5c97d8] by nyamatongwe

Removed winmm library from build as this slows start a lot for some

2000-06-24 00:32:59 Tree
[1fd299] by nyamatongwe

Turned off tracing.

2000-06-23 15:28:58 Tree
[69b874] by nyamatongwe

Updated version number to 1.27.

2000-06-23 14:49:46 Tree
[e9e5b1] by nyamatongwe

Added Alt+BackSpace as synonym for Undo.

2000-06-23 12:38:19 Tree
[5c96c1] by nyamatongwe

Caret stability when adding or deleting characters.
Caret redisplayed when focus in on GTK+.
Fixed whitespace visible after indentation option.

2000-06-22 14:01:20 Tree
[1f5e77] by nyamatongwe

Started on update for 1.27.

2000-06-22 12:49:52 Tree
[4653f0] by nyamatongwe

Fixed tests for view whitespace to be the right way around.

2000-06-22 12:48:52 Tree
[464725] by nyamatongwe

Removed deprecated APIs.
Added gets to match sets for UndoCollection, BufferedDraw, CodePage,
UsePalette, ReadOnly, CaretFore, and ModEventMask.
Undo collection status is a bool again - enumeration deprecated.
Timing code commented out.

2000-06-22 05:49:23 Tree
[102527] by nyamatongwe

GetLineEndPosition exposed.

2000-06-21 04:39:33 Tree
[74844e] by nyamatongwe

Added indentation guide API.
View whitespace has setting to only see outside indentation.
Indentation guide highlight.

2000-06-21 02:59:25 Tree
[ec1522] by nyamatongwe

Tabs in indentation are displayed as vertical lines.

2000-06-19 01:43:50 Tree
[c4be29] by nyamatongwe

Fixed hang where only visible char in file is '#'.

2000-06-19 01:43:17 Tree
[2d94f2] by nyamatongwe

Removed trace.

2000-06-17 02:14:55 Tree
[1fb908] by nyamatongwe

Fixed performance problem with line < 0.

2000-06-17 02:14:01 Tree
[4450bf] by nyamatongwe

Simplified case where state changes to DEFAULT.
Fixed counting of lines when a string terminates just before end of line.

2000-06-14 06:36:22 Tree
[6b4485] (rel-1-26) by nyamatongwe

Added character set option to histiry.

2000-06-13 10:54:55 Tree
[425a65] by nyamatongwe

Updated for 1.26.

2000-06-13 09:38:18 Tree
[a1ec07] by nyamatongwe

Added changes for version 1.26.

2000-06-13 08:31:28 Tree
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