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Commit Date  
[e09098] by nyamatongwe

Bug: [#1446]. Display thumb at correct position when SetVScrollBar(true) called.

2013-02-17 23:41:21 Tree
[c9595d] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Fix crash that can occur after running "Convert to Modern Objective-C Syntax"
which leads to an NSArray that contains nil.

2013-02-07 02:36:17 Tree
[2d78cc] by nyamatongwe

To run Clang analyzer, use 'analyze' target instead of defining 'CLANG_ANALYZE'.
This prevents later failures with linking.

2013-02-05 06:23:09 Tree
[145983] by nyamatongwe


2013-02-04 22:43:00 Tree
[46943b] by nyamatongwe

Add allocation of extended styles.

2013-02-04 22:28:07 Tree
[56742a] by nyamatongwe

Add in some extensions used by msbuild for Visual C++ 2012.

2013-02-04 21:58:51 Tree
[7f106a] by nyamatongwe

Fix clang --analyze warnings.

2013-01-30 02:46:11 Tree
[71647a] by nyamatongwe

Allow access to secondary styles distance.

2013-01-30 01:43:43 Tree
[da3bc2] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Type casts so will build in std=c++11 mode.

2013-01-30 00:19:56 Tree
[592bb7] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Added assert to silence Xcode analyse warning.

2013-01-29 23:35:54 Tree
[b85458] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Updated for Xcode 4.6.

2013-01-29 22:53:37 Tree
[a725d6] by nyamatongwe

Check result from CreateDCRenderTarget.

2013-01-26 23:36:21 Tree
[a0cbe1] by nyamatongwe

Disallow copying VarBuffer objects to ensure memory is managed correctly.

2013-01-26 23:22:55 Tree
[5181c0] by nyamatongwe

Fixed unused value warning.

2013-01-26 02:23:18 Tree
[218922] by nyamatongwe

Use CXXFLAGS for C++ only, not for C.

2013-01-26 00:18:08 Tree
[602a6c] by Colomban Wendling Colomban Wendling

Add folding support to the GetText (PO) lexer

2013-01-11 21:10:07 Tree
[c51738] by nyamatongwe

Add private copy constructors to prevent copying and avoid warnings.

2013-01-19 03:38:06 Tree
[1a400b] by nyamatongwe

Implement provisional category and place Unicode line ends and substyles into it.

2013-01-19 02:27:58 Tree
[5051de] by nyamatongwe

Implement Unicode line ends and substyles in C++ lexer.

2013-01-19 01:34:07 Tree
[d2ce1f] by nyamatongwe

Implement generic support for Unicode line ends and sub styles in lexer support classes.

2013-01-19 01:33:20 Tree
[104502] by nyamatongwe

Support the three Unicode line ends NEL, LS, and PS in CellBuffer, Document,
Editor and the message interface.
Will only be turned on for lexers that support Unicode line ends.

2013-01-19 00:40:47 Tree
[18af6b] by nyamatongwe

To allow for new line end sequences implement IsPositionInLineEnd on the
document and use it instead of checks for particular byte values.
Use equivalent checks against numCharsBeforeEOL in other contexts.
When line ends visible, display byte value blobs for non-ASCII line ends.

2013-01-19 00:17:27 Tree
[2f376f] by nyamatongwe

Implement APIs for Unicode line ends and substyles and expose to
message interface.
Expose IDocumentWithLineEnd interface on Document.

2013-01-19 00:10:41 Tree
[ea738f] by nyamatongwe

Add methods for Unicode line ends and substyles to IDocument and ILexer
producing IDocumentWithLineEnd and ILexerWithSubStyles.

2013-01-18 23:43:41 Tree
[f88e62] by nyamatongwe

Add encodingType and documentVersion to decode and cache information
about the document.

2013-01-18 23:33:20 Tree
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