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[b8e130] (11.2 kB) by Neil Neil

Bug [#1509]. ';' not styled as an operator.
From Eric Promislow.

2013-08-03 02:58:59 View
[142cb9] (11.7 kB) by Neil Neil

Replace all instances of isascii with Scintilla-specific IsASCII.
iasascii is not part of ISO C or C++ but is a BSD extension so caused
problems when compiling in strict compliance mode.

2013-07-21 05:20:45 View
[07a40f] (11.7 kB) by nyamatongwe

Dropped inclusion of PropSetSimple.h in lexers which do not use PropSetSimple directly.
Dropped declaration not needed in LexCPP.

2011-01-27 05:45:15 View
[ce2c65] (11.7 kB) by nyamatongwe

For new lexer design change includes to add new files and remove unused files.
Normalise order of includes.
Minor fixes for compatibility with new lexer design.

2010-07-13 11:44:00 View
[c8042e] (11.6 kB) by nyamatongwe

Moved lexers into lexers directory.

renamed from /src/LexMSSQL.cxx
2010-07-13 11:16:48 View

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