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Read Me

README for building of Scintilla on Qt

There are three different Scintilla libraries that can be produced:

A basic widget callable from C++ which is small and can be used just as is 
or with higher level functionality added.

A more complete C++ widget with a method for every Scintilla API and a
secondary API allowing direct access to document objects.

A Python callable version of ScintillaEdit using the PySide bindings.

	Building a library

ScintillaEditBase can be built without performing any generation steps.
The ScintillaEditBase/ project can be loaded into 
Qt Creator and the "Build All" command performed.
Alternatively, run "qmake" to build make files and then use the platform
make to build. Most commonly, use "make" on Unix and "nmake"
on Windows.

ScintillaEdit requires a generation command be run first. From the 
ScintillaEdit directory:


After the generation command has run, the ScintillaEdit.h and
ScintillaEdit.cpp files will have been populated with the Scintilla API
To build, use Qt Creator or qmake and make as for ScintillaEditBase.

ScintillaEditPy is more complex and instructions are found in