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[71d931] by nyamatongwe

Bug: [#1454]. Reject raw strings when character after " is in " )\\\t\v\f\n".
See C++11 standard 2.14.5 String literals.

2013-03-18 09:42:55 Tree
[e33e4b] by nyamatongwe

Bug: [#1455]. Fix unfolding when new line inserted.

2013-03-18 04:23:08 Tree
[9ac6d1] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Fix margin drawing with Cocoa when always-visible scrollbars turned on.

2013-03-16 10:00:54 Tree
[09444c] by nyamatongwe

Bug: [#1453]. Make subsequent tab markers visible on GTK+.
Patch from Mark Yen at ActiveState with code simplified by Neil.

2013-03-15 23:54:28 Tree
[e0bffe] by nyamatongwe

Updated issue tracker links.

2013-03-15 23:07:58 Tree
[9aaa8b] by nyamatongwe

Use an NSScrollView on Cocoa for kinetic scrolling and hiding scrollbars unless wanted.
Also affects platform-independent code.

2013-03-15 12:34:46 Tree
[c62d1e] by nyamatongwe

Added type safety by using InnerView where applicable instead of generic NSView.

2013-03-15 09:37:27 Tree
[02e854] by nyamatongwe

Ensure all fields initialised.

2013-03-15 09:12:24 Tree
[0680ce] by nyamatongwe

Remove dead code.

2013-03-15 09:12:08 Tree
[ea9b49] by nyamatongwe

Removed owner property as it is not used.

2013-03-15 09:02:55 Tree
[7bee5c] by nyamatongwe

Simplify calculation of visible line for point.

2013-03-15 08:59:09 Tree
[de2784] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Implement high-priority idle work on Cocoa to avoid abandoning paints in some situations.
Rename IdleStyling to IdleWork.

2013-03-12 23:21:33 Tree
[788505] by

Call UpdateUI before blit scrolling so caret change will have been processed
and brace highlighting updated before painting.

2013-03-12 22:57:56 Tree
[202657] by

Add different types of task to StyleNeeded mechanism, renaming to WorkNeeded.
Ask to perform update UI work for some selection moves.

2013-03-12 22:38:48 Tree
[7edd78] by

Handle test and reset of needUpdateUI in NotifyUpdateUI so less chance of desync.

2013-03-12 22:32:45 Tree
[b042cc] by nyamatongwe

Bug [#1412]. Recognise a JavaScript RegExp literal in more situations.

2013-03-11 08:47:24 Tree
[643a62] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Make property readonly to avoid potential ownership/lifetime issues.

2013-03-10 10:45:00 Tree
[dbe8fd] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Extract Window::Cursor enum -> NSCursor* mapping so can be reused.

2013-03-10 10:40:40 Tree
[96aed6] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Fix spelling in comments. Add missing comment.

2013-03-10 10:27:23 Tree
[3cdda7] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Remove remnants of Carbon.

2013-03-10 10:22:44 Tree
[ec39ee] by nyamatongwe

Bug: [#482]. Refix to make /// comment not affect folding of following /* comment.

2013-03-07 01:39:44 Tree
[5c2f72] by Mook Mook

Editor: SCI_LINESCROLL: treat columns as signed

2013-02-25 23:20:58 Tree
[cc4cd0] by nyamatongwe

Return last display line for document lines beyond document end.

2013-02-28 04:23:33 Tree
[03acc5] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Removed unnecessary code.

2013-02-28 03:07:34 Tree
[ded042] by nyamatongwe


2013-02-26 04:44:44 Tree
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