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[65485a] by

Replaced M_PI with a local constant kPi since M_PI is not defined by ISO C/C++.

2013-07-21 09:50:44 Tree
[7991ec] by Neil Neil

Fix Clang C++11 compatibility.

2013-07-21 06:24:00 Tree
[9547f4] by Neil Neil

Make compile with libc++ on OS X.

2013-07-21 05:24:20 Tree
[142cb9] by Neil Neil

Replace all instances of isascii with Scintilla-specific IsASCII.
iasascii is not part of ISO C or C++ but is a BSD extension so caused
problems when compiling in strict compliance mode.

2013-07-21 05:20:45 Tree
[240ed0] by Neil Neil

Whitespace cleanup.

2013-07-21 04:32:15 Tree
[0bb83b] by Neil Neil

Standardising header guards and namespaces.

2013-07-21 04:30:14 Tree
[9d0683] by Neil Neil

Added tag rel-3-3-4 for changeset e1c3afb1c5d4

2013-07-19 01:53:05 Tree
[e1c3af] (rel-3-3-4) by

Updated dependencies.

2013-07-19 00:26:28 Tree
[e074c3] by Neil Neil

Change log.

2013-07-15 09:12:27 Tree
[a67af2] by Neil Neil

Updates for 3.3.4.

2013-07-15 06:57:10 Tree
[e9ada2] by Neil Neil

Fix out-of-bounds access for characters after end of set.

2013-07-15 06:29:56 Tree
[7a1ce5] by Neil Neil

Change log.

2013-07-11 01:26:04 Tree
[954a3e] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Add new files to project and sort file names.

2013-07-11 01:23:42 Tree
[abbe13] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Add namespace so builds on OS X.

2013-07-11 01:22:52 Tree
[8235df] by Neil Neil

Include case conversion data in Scintilla so that all platforms will perform
case conversion of Unicode text in accordance with Unicode.

2013-07-11 00:43:40 Tree
[10ccf4] by Neil Neil

Allow Editor subclasses to turn off overstrike caret.
From Mitchell Foral.

2013-07-11 00:35:17 Tree
[f10a8c] by Neil Neil

Avoid warning for 64-bit build.

2013-07-11 00:29:22 Tree
[d31c5a] by Neil Neil

Fix to work on more versions of Python.

2013-07-08 11:28:41 Tree
[855aaa] by Neil Neil

Bug: [#1494]. Avoid crash if SC_MARK_PIXMAP used without a pixmap.

2013-07-08 11:27:54 Tree
[57b7db] by Neil Neil

Allow building with older versions of Visual C++ again.

2013-07-07 06:00:41 Tree
[7a4d57] by Neil Neil

Include CharacterCategory in Qt projects.

2013-07-07 05:50:01 Tree
[3744d8] by Neil Neil

First argument to SetText is not used so was difficult to set a text containing NUL.
Add SetContents to make it easier to setup test cases.

2013-07-07 03:51:23 Tree
[abc6c1] by Neil Neil

Change log.

2013-07-07 02:20:30 Tree
[8e4143] by Neil Neil

Line end whitespace removal.

2013-07-07 02:07:46 Tree
[6eb1f6] by Neil Neil

Bug: [#1496]. Name of ASN1 LexerModule was misspelt lmAns1 instead of lmAsn1.

2013-07-07 02:04:04 Tree
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