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[5a1754] by nyamatongwe

Simplify label handling code and avoid checking to end of line.
From Kein-Hong Man.

2013-06-26 13:40:28 Tree
[9c28a4] by nyamatongwe

Make labels work with non-ASCII characters in UTF-8.

2013-06-25 08:08:24 Tree
[35b4dd] by nyamatongwe

Specify paint device when creating QTextLayout. Fixes mis-layout of text when
QApplication construction delayed.
From John Ehresman.

2013-06-25 05:06:48 Tree
[5247a5] by

Renaming variables to explain their role better.

2013-06-18 07:27:11 Tree
[b840ab] by

Bug: [#1488] Simplify gtk scrollbar resize code.
From Todd Whiteman at ActiveState.

2013-06-18 06:18:59 Tree
[ca12b8] by nyamatongwe

Change log.

2013-06-18 06:02:22 Tree
[00a8f3] by nyamatongwe

Method added to help lexers working with byte positions.
Related to bug [#1483].

2013-06-18 05:31:22 Tree
[7bd094] by nyamatongwe

Simplify line wrapping code, minimize lines wrapped and avoid rewrapping lines.

2013-06-18 04:55:30 Tree
[3e8191] by nyamatongwe

Determine more accurately whether painting was abandoned by styling and so
decrease consequent line wrapping work.

2013-06-18 02:18:25 Tree
[9df53c] by nyamatongwe

Fix wrap width so doesn't take account of margin twice.

2013-06-17 06:27:13 Tree
[28fb95] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Simplify direct access using Scintilla messages and avoid call layers.

2013-06-15 10:50:03 Tree
[1df2a7] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Fix insertText: of ScintillaView to directly call ScintillaCocoa since insertText of InnerView
was replaced with insertText:replacementRange: to implement NSTextInputClient in [df4058].

2013-06-15 10:21:44 Tree
[290feb] by

Define custom marginMaskN / setMarginMaskN to treat values as a bitmask.

2013-06-14 05:16:25 Tree
[5d28fc] by John Ehresman John Ehresman

Define custom get_ / set_ margin_mask_n to treat values as a bitmask

2013-06-11 00:59:01 Tree
[3fbf73] by nyamatongwe

Change log.

2013-06-13 04:20:56 Tree
[97f756] by nyamatongwe

Bug: [#1487]. Fix memory leak of font names.

2013-06-12 23:58:15 Tree
[51fdce] by nyamatongwe

Change log.

2013-06-12 08:23:52 Tree
[3afe87] by nyamatongwe

Change log.

2013-06-12 01:09:22 Tree
[fb104b] by nyamatongwe

Change log.

2013-06-11 02:37:31 Tree
[bc4e97] by nyamatongwe

Fix a bug with word wrap where the last line could be shown twice.

2013-06-10 23:34:45 Tree
[7e5ac8] by

Disable methods required for GTK+ 3 when building for GTK+ 2.

2013-06-06 03:45:33 Tree
[6a2f29] by

Merged with GTK+ change.

2013-06-05 12:39:05 Tree
[087ce8] by

Make method const since it has no side-effects.

2013-06-05 11:38:05 Tree
[46aa16] by nyamatongwe

Make method static as it does not use instance variables.

2013-06-05 11:09:11 Tree
[613e03] by nyamatongwe

Enable EnsureRenderTarget and DropRenderTarget only when Direct2D available.

2013-06-05 09:37:01 Tree
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