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[1569d0] by Neil Neil

Feature: [feature-requests:#1008]. Lexer added for KVIrc script.
From OmegaPhil.

2013-08-21 04:50:48 Tree
[807ad8] by Neil Neil

Added PositionRelative to optimize navigation by character.

2013-08-20 04:57:56 Tree
[f8a89c] by Neil Neil

Change log.

2013-08-20 04:09:49 Tree
[a9d4b8] by nyamatongwe nyamatongwe

Fix bug where coordinates were relative to the text view instead of the whole view.

2013-08-20 03:54:04 Tree
[4833e0] by Neil Neil

Grammar fix.

2013-08-17 22:31:45 Tree
[7cb6e1] by Neil Neil

Change log.

2013-08-16 00:55:46 Tree
[5d44ef] by Neil Neil

Initialize extended styles to the default style.

2013-08-16 00:53:03 Tree
[e1861b] by Neil Neil

Feature: [feature-requests:#1007]. Option to allow mouse selection to
switch to rectangular by pressing Alt after start of gesture.
From Neomi.

2013-08-15 05:13:15 Tree
[db186e] by Neil Neil

Use system symbol for constant.

2013-08-15 02:59:39 Tree
[888cd6] by Neil Neil

Remove archaic wxForceScintillaLexers function since wxWidgets now uses
Fix comment with file name.

2013-08-13 23:06:08 Tree
[80d79f] by Neil Neil

Feature: [feature-requests:#1007]. Fix bugs with redrawing selection.
From Neomi.

2013-08-12 06:22:21 Tree
[49ef04] by Neil Hodgson Neil Hodgson

Avoid QMacPasteboardMime on Qt >= 5.0 since it is not implemented yet.
Means rectangular clipboard operations will not work.

2013-08-11 12:36:04 Tree
[de2e42] by Neil Neil

Bug [#1513]. Differentiate rectangular and non-rectangular pastes from Borland.
From Oezguer Emir.

2013-08-10 10:08:15 Tree
[57c522] by Neil Neil

Removed change log for backed out change.

2013-08-10 02:54:16 Tree
[ab10ec] by Neil Neil

Backed out change #4739 for Qt 5 on OS X as the code was LGPL.

2013-08-10 02:43:55 Tree
[a5dee0] by

Fix PySide interface to match 64-bit fixes in ScintillaEdit.

2013-08-10 02:13:08 Tree
[c6b6d8] by Neil Neil

Change log.

2013-08-10 01:06:56 Tree
[6d4859] by Neil Neil

Fix building qith Qt 5 on OS X.
From Fan Yang.

2013-08-10 01:04:41 Tree
[e26b29] by Neil Neil

Update make dependencies.

2013-08-09 06:14:51 Tree
[b89c94] by Neil Neil

Structure colour settings into ColourOptional and ForeBackColours types.

2013-08-09 06:11:28 Tree
[caa4de] by Neil Neil

Move wrapping, edge and visual adjustments from Editor to ViewStyle.
Move printing parameters into a separate struct.

2013-08-09 02:51:42 Tree
[e53e44] by Neil Neil

Avoid warnings for uninitialized strings.

2013-08-08 09:09:10 Tree
[521c6c] by Neil Neil

Bug [#1512]. Fix bug with horizontal caret position when margin changed.
From Neomi.

2013-08-08 08:13:09 Tree
[53be57] by Neil Neil

Move functionality from Editor to ViewStyle.
controlCharSymbol setting moved along with calculated fields for tab
width and control symbols.
Use of TextSegment simplified and variables made const where possible.

2013-08-08 07:59:56 Tree
[53b226] by Neil Neil

Ensure strings initialised to avoid warnings.

2013-08-07 11:17:38 Tree
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