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[#1419],[#1426],[#1446],[#1458], and [#1461]: overhaul

+ use GNU readline (or the equivalent) to allow line editing
+ prompt you to merge dev up into master for allura, forge-classic, and sftheme
+ when git commands fail, print the output
+ when printing the git command to execute (or that failed), quote correctly
+ allow (but don't require) pushing to the public repo
+ allow the user to pick an alternate tag for the last successful push
did this with readline history, so you can arrow through the list
+ also apply the .git/ logic to fix-up theme_path
+ don't push all tags (--tags), just the new one
+ for testing, allow calling the script with a --dry-run parameter to prevent
actual pushing
+ ask what level of verbosity you want:
- print each git command and wait for you to hit enter
- echo each git command as it is executed (but no waiting)
- git commands are silent (except for error)
+ added the parens for the print function where needed

Signed-off-by: Wolf <>

Wolf Wolf 2011-02-07

changed Allura/
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