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   Maxima 5.26 change log

   New items in core:

 * quadpack function quad_qagp (QAGP algorithm)

 * quadpack function quad_control (control error messages)

   New items in share:

 * package draw: option draw_realpart, object wired_surface

 * package lapack: function zgeev

   Other changes:

 * reference manual: reorganization, editing, translations

 * package ezunits: bug fixes, minor extensions, more tests

   Bug fixes:

 3439895 makeset can't deal with sets of sets
 3437268 expand doesn't fully expand
 3426847 float hypergeometric error | fix
 3410704 limit gives the wrong answer
 3404854 default for logexapand
 3398066 radcan generates floats?
 3398047 trigrat() causes an error
 3396631 equal terms produce different results
 3390551 Error break in rtest2 with display_all=true
 3389830 Error break in rtest15 with linear display
 3388801 integrate error
 3377347 log(1/(1+%i)) gives error
 3376603 sign of declared imaginary
 3358420 nfloat bug
 3354672 Maxima hangs when assigning modulus:-3
 3276461 Inaccurate Limit Evaluation
 3213380 "-"(a,b) with simp:false prints incorrectly
 3207833 Option variable lognumer has no effect
 3185855 radcan warns about float-convert
 3151302 Wrong plotting of functions based on spherical harmonics
 2995695 Documentation for resultant is confusing
 unnumbered: bessel_y integrals (mailing list circa 2011-10-22)
 unnumbered: f90 output format (mailing list circa 2011-09-22)
 unnumbered: Problem with save (mailing list 2011-09-10)
 unnumbered: error function lsquares (mailing list 2011-08-25)