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   Major items:

 * Expand and revise Maxima reference manual (all languages),
   including documentation for add-on packages and additional
   figures in the HTML version of the manual

 * Maxima Windows installer bundles wxMaxima user interface

 * Fast integer factorization (function ifactors and friends)

   Backwards-incompatible changes:

 * Rename many functions in the distrib add-on package for greater

 * Rename some functions in the descriptive add-on package for greater

 * Change name of Xmaxima initialization script to .xmaximarc
   (was xmaxima.ini)

 * Cut out functions j0, j1, jn, i0, i1, and in (superseded some time
   ago by bessel_j and bessel_i functions)

 * Cut out functions tmlin, tmlinsolve, tmnewdet, and tminverse
   (obsolete, superseded by other linear algebra functions)

 * Cut out add-on packages differ and gendif (obsolete, buggy)

 * load(specfun) yields message saying "specfun package superseded by
   orthopoly" (specfun removed in Maxima 5.9.3)

 * interpolate function yields a message saying "interpolate was renamed
   to find_root" (interpolate was renamed in Maxima 5.9.3)

 * Rename functions g0, g1, and gn to scaled_bessel_i0,
   scaled_bessel_i1, and scaled_bessel_i, respectively.

   New items:

 * maxima_tempdir, maxima_userdir: Maxima variables to shadow the Lisp
   variables *maxima-tempdir* and *maxima-userdir*

 * share/contrib/implicit_plot.lisp: Draw implicit plots

 * share/contrib/dynamics.mac: Numerical and graphical functions for
   dynamical systems and fractals

 * share/contrib/graph2d.lisp: Plot discrete data in Xmaxima

 * share/lbfgs: LBFGS algorithm for unconstrained minimization

 * share/contrib/tocl.lisp: Output a Maxima expression as Common Lisp

 * share/contrib/prim: Implementation of Prim's algorithm

 * tests/rtest_tex.mac: Generate a test document by calling the tex
   function on a variety of expressions

   Other revisions:

 * plotting functions: many improvements

 * Xmaxima: many improvements, including improvements in HTML rendering

 * Definite integrals: several bug fixes

 * Hypergeometric functions: many revisions

 * zeilberger add-on package: revised

 * Evaluation of definite sums and products: use faster method

 * diffequations add-on package: additional tests

 * tex function: several adjustments and bug fixes

 * distrib add-on package: revised

 * float number output: fpprintprec controls formatting for ordinary
   floats as well as bigfloats

 * tensor add-on packages: bug fixes

 * solve_rec add-on package: minor revisions

 * solver add-on package: brought up to date

 * sarag add-on package: revised

 * augmented_lagrangian add-on package: call LBFGS to solve
   unconstrained minimization problem

 * boolsimp add-on package: minor revisions

 * multiadditive add-on package: revised

 * rule processing: lambda expression OK for match predicate; atom OK
   for match expression in defrule

 * Maxima self-test suite: expanded

 * Maxima rpms: Make the maxima rpm depend on a specific version of the
   maxima-exec rpm, and make the maxima-exec and other rpms depend on
   a specific version of maxima

 * throughout: improved compatibility with Allegro Common Lisp and
   Scieneer Common Lisp

   Bug fixes not otherwise mentioned:

 * 1521613: user documentation for buildq

 * 1515703: sqrt(0b0) => endless looping

 * 1514861: li[2](1.0) stack overflow

 * 1505333: matchdeclare with lambda form predicate

 * 1497706: sum(1/k^2,k,2,inf), simpsum

 * 1487703: infinite loop in an integration problem

 * 1482843: subscripted variable causes trouble in integrate

 * 1480338: ratsimp(exp(constant)) very slow

 * 1477696: 2*3*2^k is 6*2^k (although similar bugs persist)

 * 1471861: limit(abs(sin(x)/x),x,0) incorrect

 * 1464846: rearray does not work

 * 1449163: ratsimp(exp(%pi*%i/9)/(x-2)^(1/7)) causes error

 * 1385311, 1385309: GosperSum (zeilberger add-on package) now returns
   correct result (NON_HYPERGEOMETRIC) for some examples

 * 1385307: 2*2^k doesn't simplify (although similar bugs persist)

 * 1120546: defrule (a, b, c) (all atoms) confuses kill (rules)

 * 1102913: add share directories to file search paths

 * 716761: i% displays as i\% with display2d:false

 * 705734: [a,b,c][0] => "["

 * 660884: maxprime should be 1

 * 658762: pickapart misnumbers next C-line

 * 624941: maxima needs a -quiet option

 * 620917: cfdisrep([x,...]) errs out

 * 541030: integrate(sqrt(x+1/x-2),x,0,1) wrong

 * Fixed: supply bounding box for saving 3-d plots in Xmaxima
 * Fixed: in conjugate function, test for atoms
 * Fixed: in permutations function, avoid modification in-place

 * Fixed: exp(1b-1) now returns a bigfloat

 * Fixed: 846079 944743 1491486 1489285 1488344 1488359 1362658 1451351

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