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   Maxima 5.28 change log

   Backwards-incompatible changes:

 * package stats: removed function simple_linear_regression (superseded by

   New items in core:

 * new function generalized_lambert_w

 * new functions zn_mult_table, zn_power_table

 * new functions for Galois fields: gf_set, gf_char, gf_prim, etc.

   New items in share:

 * package descriptive: new function principal_components

 * package descriptive: new histogram style 'density'

 * package stats: new function linear_regression

   Other changes:

 * revise system for building Maxima on MS Windows

 * function gamma_incomplete: improve accuracy for complex bigfloats

 * function expintegral_e: improved calculation for large imaginary part

   Bug fixes:

 3539699: limit of atan2
 3538167: Wrong result for definite integral
 3534858: wrong answer: limit
 3533723: abs_integrate causes stack overflow
 3530767: integrate changes k[0] --> k(0)
 3530272: nthroot, bad error msg
 3529992: Shi (sinh integral) wrong branch, integrate inconsistent
 3529144: Error integrating exp(-x)*sinh(sqrt(x)) with domain: complex
 3526359: gamma_incomplete(1/5,-32.0) not accurate
 3526111: float erf (%i) not working
 3522750: assume & integrate
 3521596: atan2(sqrt(1-u)*(u-1),1); /* hangup */
 3517785: Wrong sign in exponential integral
 3517034: polarform error on simple case
 mailing list 2012-04-09: Loading gentran
 mailing list 2012-03-27: bug in net present value
 unnumbered: inequality facts being forgotten
 unnumbered:  limit(erfc(z), z, inf)
 unnumbered: bug in animated_gif
 unnumbered: Lisp output not readable
 unnumbered: bigfloats parsed incorrectly when ibase is not 10

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