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   Maxima 5.24 change log

   New items in core:

 * function defstruct: documentation

   New items in share:

 * package lapack: function dgemm (matrix multiplication)

 * package fractals: documentation

 * package finance: documentation

   Other changes:

 * elliptic functions: bug fixes

 * integration: apply trigonometric identities for some special cases

 * improve TeX output for conditional expressions

 * more work on German translation of reference manual

 * regularize error messages and prepare for translation

 * remove unused functions and variables

 * XMaxima user interface: bug fixes and improvements

 * package draw: bug fixes, pngcairo output

 * package noninteractive: bug fixes

 * package clebsch_gordan: new version

 * package graphs: updates

 * package ezunits: updates

   Bug fixes:

   3211937  wrong sign for integral of e^(-1/x^2)
   3199708  integrate(sin(2x)atan(sin(x)),x)
   3198530  Apparently wrong limit with factorial
   3181353  Documentation of "at" misleading
   3165872  integrate(abs(sin(x)),x,0,2*%pi) wrong result
   3158526  integrate(x^2*exp(x)/(1+exp(x))^2,x , minf, inf);
   3154534  need local declaration in antid.mac
   3154351  abs_integrate --> errors from apply
   3153533  incorrect integration
   3153506  typo in antid / FIX
   3153170  abs_integrate + composisiton of unit step
   3153169  abs_integrate of unit step
   3138054  bfloat problem / FIX
   3133916  scanmap(minfactorial,a!) infinite loop
   3131324  simplification of sqrt
   3067098  The command timer for a Lisp function
   2808179  maxima.el inferior-maxima-complete on Emacs 23
   1285104  trigsimp and trigreduce & square roots
    917283  Comment syntax confused
  unnumbered: lisp (gcl?) being unable to read 1.79769d308
  unnumbered: draw2d(explicit(321.4567,x,0,1)) causing hang
  unnumbered: plotting functions by name
  unnumbered: asinh and atanh are increasing odd functions
  unnumbered: bad interaction of rassociative and tellsimp