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   Maxima 5.18 change log
   Compiled 2009-04-17

   Backwards-incompatible changes:

 * cut out broken code intended to support xgraph

   New items in core:

 * function bfallroots to compute polynomial roots with bigfloats

 * general scheme for integrals of special functions

 * exponential integrals

 * incomplete beta function

 * Fresnel integrals

 * Lambert W function

   New items in share:

 * package minpack

 * package colnew

 * package z_transform

 * package finance

   Other revisions:

 * additional special cases of integrals of power functions

 * bigfloat arithmetic

 * gamma function and friends

 * error function and friends

 * Bessel functions

 * elliptic functions and inverse elliptic functions

 * hypergeometric functions

 * strengthen laplace function

 * beta function

 * Imaxima user interface: new version

 * package to_poly_solver: revision

 * package abs_integrate: revision

 * package orthopoly: Pochhammer function

 * package draw: revision

 * package sarag: revision

 * package plotdf: revision

 * package f90: revision

 * package odelin: test script

 * package dynamics: test script

 * package ezunits: minor revision

 * package amatrix: minor revision

 * recognize integers in base greater than 10

 * tex function can assign user function as TeX property

 * revision and translation of message strings (incomplete)

 * documentation revisions throughout

 * patches for Clozure CL throughout

 * build Maxima with ECL via build system used for other Lisps

 * minor code clean-up throughout

   Bug fixes:

   2698078 set_partitions does not produce simplified sets
   2688847 float of rats rounds incorrectly
   2687962 hgfred([-3/2,1],[-1/2],-t) division by zero
   2686902 noninteger pochhammer_max_index
   2686901 nonglobal declare for pochhammer
   2672976 wxMaxima 0.8.1: set logscale x gives error
   2665228 read_list(file_search()) empty %o:s
   2664752 xMaxima and wxMaxima: eivals causes multiple %o:s
   2657271 wxMaxima 0.8.0 mnewton-hungs
   2652359 wxMaxima 0.8.0 hungup on collectterms
   2650081 integrate(atan(y),y,x,inf) loops endlessly
   2631766 abs((1+%i)^%i) is wrong
   2618401 bfloat produces incorrect answer
   2604950 rats with keepfloat
   2600423 Running a loaded ODE package causes error
   2585332 strange linechar/label display
   2582034 hgfred([a/2,-a/2],[1/2],z) causes error
   2543079 bfloat(gamma(3/4)/gamma(1/4)) is wrong
   2534420 asinh(%i*2b0) causes error
   2505945 hgfred([2,-1/2],[3],-x^2)
   2505241 solve multiplicities wrong
   2501765 integrate((-14*x^2-32)/(x^4+3*x^2+1)^2,x,0,inf);
   2470996 asksign(min(1,x))
   2459008 misspelling of grassmann algebra
   2412132 invalid contraction of ichr2
   2393169 spherical_harmonic: Bad argument to genfact
   2358696 is equal bug
   2354306 Questions with multiple commands
   2180110 GCL do not signal an overflow converting bigfloat to float
   2055235 Plot leaves range with jacobi functions
   1981623 wrong sign of sqrt()
   1757448 plot2d tries to plot no-numbers
   1663399 solve/algsys bug
   1658067 jacobi_sn(elliptic_kc(1-m)*%i/2,m) isn't simplified
   1498047 limit(a/n,n,inf)
   1419046 sign bug
   1055377 assignment to SETVAL causes a break if SETCHECK: ALL
   1045503 REARRAY complains about non-numeric size argument
    940835 rectform fails with float/numer flags
    903130 make_array doesn't check arg types
    887639 listarray when use_fast_arrays : true
    792514 Subscripted literal array doesn't display
    783847 assignments to %i, inf, ...
    623904 Taylor should be contagious in more places
    609466 Fatal error in solve/algsys
    505443 Halfangle limitation

   unnumbered: bug in split_sum (package simplify_sum)
   unnumbered: correct axis label for logarithmic plot
   unnumbered: fix limit(signum(x), x, 0, plus)
   unnumbered: spurious question in integrate(x/(1-x),x,-1,1)
   unnumbered: fix infinite loop for limit(x, x, infinity)
   unnumbered: error with atanh(0.75b0)
   unnumbered: signum_int(cos(x) / (sin(x) - cos(3*x)),x) --> endless loop
   unnumbered: integrate(1/x^3, x, 1, inf)
   unnumbered: integrate(1/(x + abs(x)),x) --> division by zero error
   unnumbered: integrate(signum(x + sqrt(1-x)),x) ---> bogus
   unnumbered: integrate(signum(x) * f(x),x)
   unnumbered: category refs in html docs not turned into links
   unnumbered: map("{", ...) yields an expression which has operator ${
   unnumbered: reset(niceindicespref) has a strange effect when i is bound