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   Maxima 5.13.0 change log
   Compiled 2007-08-04

   Backwards-incompatible changes:

 * unstore, fassave, restore: cut out undocumented functions

   New items in core:

 * unique: function to return unique elements of a list

 * New function float_approx_equal w/ associated global
   variable float_approx_equal_tolerance (for test suite cases)

 * Interface to Lisp string streams: make_string_input_stream,
   make_string_output_stream, get_output_stream_string

   New items in share:

 * vector3d package (thanks to Walter Eastes)

 * Script share/share_testsuite.mac to run tests in share

 * share/contrib/topoly.lisp: new functions elim and elim_allbut

   New items in tests:

 * Commit test scripts written by Michael Wester

   Other revisions:

 * run_testsuite: only simplify expected results, do not evaluate, and
   do not call ratsimp; now tests are more stringent than before

 * equal: recognize Maxima and Lisp arrays and Maxima and Lisp strings

 * find_root: evaluate arguments in an ordinary way

 * apply, outermap: evaluate arguments in an ordinary way

 * save, loadfile, tex, stringout, compfile: evaluate filename argument

 * display code: output space characters (no tabs)

 * share/linearalgebra: improved jacobian and hessian functions

 * share/contrib/lsquares.mac: replaced with a new version

 * share/draw: include geographical data from World Boundaries Database;
   other modifications

 * with_stdout: accepts an output stream as well as a filename

 * share/contrib/topoly.lisp: many improvements in to_poly

 * share/contrib/numericalio: accept stream as well as a filename

 * many other minor improvements

   Bug fixes not otherwise mentioned:

 * 1754072: $piargs bug

 * 1751951: diag_matrix() with block matrices gets off-diag boxes wrong

 * 1748168: integrate(1/(2+cos(x)),x,-%pi/2,%pi/2); wrong

 * 1741705: integrate(1/(sin(x)^2+1),x,0,8) wrong

 * 1732315: trigrat dies on a matrix

 * 1732298: postscript eps file error

 * 1730044: powerseries(1+x^n,x,0) wrong

 * 1729642: conjugate error

 * 1729432: onep1  / FIX

 * 1726002: bug in coerce-float-fun

 * 1722156: powerseries((x+1)/(1-2*x^2), x, 0);

 * 1721027: trigrat(sin('x)) captures x

 * 1714044: Maxima asks unnecessary questions in integration

 * 1690374: asin(1 / sqrt(2))

 * 1562340: trigrat  doesn't distribute  over =

 * 1552789: integrate(1/(sin(x)^2+1),x,1,1+%pi) takes forever

 * 1490397: subres gcd wrong