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Password Safe - git-repo Log

Commit Date  
[b5e5b8] (HEADmaster) by Saurav Ghosh Saurav Ghosh

Fixed OS X build by adding NO_YUBI to every target, removing hmac.cpp and fixing minor compilation errors

2013-12-09 15:10:56 Tree
[389e0b] by Saurav Ghosh Saurav Ghosh

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

2013-12-09 14:47:29 Tree
[40760e] by , pushed by ronys ronys

[1130] Database field isn't highlighted when it doesn't have the focus.

Signed-off-by: ronys <>

2013-12-09 12:26:41 Tree
[1c08b9] by ronys ronys

[1148] No longer crashes when canceling unlock with expired password entries.

2013-12-09 12:00:13 Tree
[98800b] by ronys ronys

Introduced PWSAuxCore

PWSAuxCore is a subclass of PWScore who's sole purpose is to skip
loading the database's preference string into the PWSPref singleton.
This saves the save/restore cycle when using a second core to read
a file.
The alternative would be to make the pref a core member instead of
a singleton. It's debatable which approach is preferable, but
this is certainly a smaller code change.

2013-12-09 09:29:20 Tree
[48a962] by Saurav Ghosh Saurav Ghosh

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

2013-12-08 17:55:55 Tree
[863571] by ronys ronys

[1146] Edit button now enabled correctly in Manage->Password Policies.

2013-12-07 19:03:00 Tree
[302459] by Saurav Ghosh Saurav Ghosh

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

2013-12-07 15:07:24 Tree
[2db887] by ronys ronys

Fix crash on CExportTextWarningDlgBase::~CExportTextWarningDlgBase when NO_YUBI defined

2013-11-24 20:11:37 Tree
[b82298] by ronys ronys

[386] support build without YubiKey support in deb for Ubunto 12.04LTS, which has too old version of Yubi libs

2013-11-22 19:51:51 Tree
[5e069a] by ronys ronys

Bugfix 1143 - Clarify the provenance of PAsswordSafe, plus updating some URLs in README.txt

2013-11-19 18:24:16 Tree
[7488e0] by ronys ronys

Make specification match implementation for V3 format Password Expiry Interval field

2013-11-14 18:11:52 Tree
[e66ed4] by ronys ronys

Workaround edge case of 999 inc backups - force to 998 to delete oldest correctly.

2013-11-04 17:41:36 Tree
[d20ed2] by ronys ronys

Don't crash for edge case of 999 inc backups

2013-11-04 17:08:48 Tree
[15f2a3] by ronys ronys

[1139] Backup file numbers now rollover 999 correctly.

2013-11-02 10:29:33 Tree
[e3f519] by ronys ronys

Fixed slight mixup in relnotes, set version to 3.32.1

2013-10-28 17:29:14 Tree
[e16f36] by , pushed by ronys ronys

Possible fix for Bug 1134

Signed-off-by: ronys <>

2013-10-28 16:33:35 Tree
[dccee9] by Johan Vromans Johan Vromans , pushed by ronys ronys

Additional buildrequires for some platforms.

2013-10-26 18:20:21 Tree
[eed40f] by Andrey Kuznetsov Andrey Kuznetsov

Don't split InfoWindow (status bar and entry note tooltips) between monitors in multi-monitor configurations

2013-10-25 16:03:14 Tree
[db4474] by ronys ronys

[1133] - generate correct Yubi include path using pkg-config, thanks to jvromans

2013-10-23 17:13:51 Tree
[58eef6] by ronys ronys

Check for write fail @ end of V3 header

2013-10-17 16:59:05 Tree
[052d51] by Andrey Kuznetsov Andrey Kuznetsov

* Update all screenshots to Win8 style and change format to .png for Russian help (HTMLs not updated yet)
* Minor updates in Russian .po and default help

2013-10-13 14:32:25 Tree
[f0fdf0] by ronys ronys

BR1131 - Added mention of unlock difficulty + various typo fixes in release notes, thanks to Mitch Ames

2013-10-07 16:47:07 Tree
[e99c6e] by Andrey Kuznetsov Andrey Kuznetsov

Disable Font Binding in CRichEditCtrlExtn
When it enabled (by default), control tries to change font for chars, that it think aren't present in default font.
For example, for non-English messages it can change font from MS Sans to Calibri when it found "french quotes" ('«', '»')
The worst in this case that it also may change font size and then not return all back, so the last part of the message will be printed using different font type/size

2013-09-29 16:30:34 Tree
[23cfb6] by ronys ronys

BR1116: wx Copy email to clipboard now works.

2013-09-28 08:05:47 Tree
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