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  • Paid program, there is no room for it here.

  • Simply the BEST synth I worked with.

  • It's the best Open Source Synthesizer. I'm really in love with his warm sound ;-) It has almos every option you can imagine. The synth engine is really powerful and the filters, too!

  • Just great!

  • Simply one of the most versatile and great-sounding OSS synths.

  • It's a versatile synth that can produce sounds in every color of the sound rainbow. Sourceforge flagged my longer and more informative review for some reason :(. Just take my word for it; it is a truly marvelous synth!

  • It's a synth that has many cool features. I miss only a few features, and maybe integration into other programs like LMMS. The support is very good (mailing list and forum), and the source is easy to read (though sometimes I miss comments about what the math code is doing).

  • Nice work ! Great project.

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  • Great software, thank you.

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  • Fantastic high quality sound, best synth on linux! And in Universe:) Thanks, developers, great work! Be happy and inspirited!:)

  • deseo bajar zynaddsubfx gratis

  • WOW! What a tool. My musical journey just went vertical.

  • I've been producing EDM for two years. When I first started, ZynAddSubFX seemed like a pathetic synth. Now that I understand sound synthesis though, I recognize this beast as one of the most powerful free virtual synths ever. It's GUI is ugly, and it's really complex, but synthesizer veterans will love it. It can easily produce a wide range of very powerful and high quality sounds.

  • Currently will NOT WORK on Debian. The lastest version generates a Bug warning "are you sure you want to install?" when installed from aptitude. The compiled from code is the same, completely unuseable. I came here to find an older, working version, but there is none. The bug is listed in Debian but not here. The error is that ZynAddSubFX can no longer load its required sound sample files mxml: Bad control character 0x1f not allowed by XML standard!

  • Great synth, but I have to say that I see where qaisjp is coming from... Right now I can't find the Windows binaries anywhere on that website, despite it saying that they exist. Finally I found a Windows binary through a much less trusted source, but it seems to be good:

  • Thumbs up for sound and features but gui is just terrible. Skin support could fix this issue. BTW, win binary:

  • good job

  • I love this synthesizer. The best one out there. I do all my sound with it now. Drums, bases, leads, pads, FX, everything - it's so capable I rarely use FX on mixer strips in LMMS. I can do all FX inside ZynAddSubFX. From Poland with love!

  • Where the hell is the Windows Binary? I need it, till then I can't use it with my Wiimote (i am using sveral other programs combined)

  • Amazingly powerful synth! Outperforms z3ta+ in terms of sound quality. Endless features, and high quality renderings, it's a vintage analog synth and a crisp digital synth in the same awesome package.

  • An excellent, versatile synth that has become the cornerstone of all my work for several years now.

  • Great! Check out my album I with help of your synth:

  • That's just awesome !!! For years, I've been thinking this kind of software was only available for windows, I'm really happy now to see it works so well on Linux. I've installed it on Ubuntu and the GUI can be improved, but the sounds let me speechless ~ Thank you guys, I'm gonna buy a master keyboard very soon

  • This is an amazing tool. Check out all my works I created with this synth: Thanks again!!

  • ZynAddSubFX makes great sounds available to people who know nothing about analog synths, and offers seemingly endless possibilities to more advanced users. It's just a phenomenally useful piece of software, and one of the cornerstones of my studio.