A lightweight zero-install Web server package that runs on Windows. The project aims to provide the latest production/stable versions of Apache, MySQL, PHP, Adminer, MongoDB, MemCached, SQLite, eAccelerator, and Alternative PHP Cache (APC) to boost server performance.


  • Easy-to-use controller in system tray
  • Contains the latest versions of the WAMP stack components
  • Full version includes Apache and PHP manuals (Windows help files) for offline use

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User Reviews

  • Almost awesome, but no silent params and auto update pops up every time without option to turn off.

  • First impression - excellent (now I intend to test it). About editor - to replace Windows Notepad with any other editor I installed on win 8.1.1 64 bit NotepadReplacer binaryfortress.com. Works well with Notepad++ ver 6.6.8 jul 2014. 16.April 2016 - after more than 2 years testing on 64 bit Windows 8.1 and windows 10 - ZWAMP is excellent SW - everything I need works, also from USB stick, also 32 bit version on win XP. I tried 4-5 other simmilar SW but all have some problem, eg newest WAMP has problem with composer (php CLI). I am shure it can be solved but authors (same as mr. Cosca) just do not enough explain most important actions we do with such SW. My rating is all 5 of 5 because ZWAMP does what I need without complications. But explanations, and txt config files are problem in every SW. Fat Free PHP FW I could not test - explanations are not good for beginers, same as for Yii - too much talking about menus. Yes I know that fw and routing is much more than menus, but after 17 years working with Oracle Forms (menus are there two hours learning), It seems to me that all fw authors mistify too much. Same for web server packs.

  • Thanks for updates ;)

    2 users found this review helpful.
  • This seems like a decent server package, and while I would love to use it, it just isn't usable in the current state it is in. #1, when you create a package like this, it is going to be used by power users. I don't know anyone who uses windows Notepad.exe to edit their configuration files. Everyone that I know that would even use this will have their own power editor to handle these tasks. Forcing them open into notepad and bypassing the "default" editor already set up is an insult to me and other power users that I know. There should be an option to configure what editor will be used or allow the system to open whatever is set as default. Real programmers/developers don't use notepad! I really like the idea of having these configuration files easily accessible, but the way it is implemented, you might as well have left it off completely. Until this is fixed, I simply can't use the software, as I won't go to the trouble of making workarounds for another person's oversight. #2, automatically checking for updates without permission from the user is unacceptable. I want to control whether any particular program is allowed access to the internet and when. Update checking should be configurable to allow either 1) daily checks, 2) weekly checks, 3) monthly checks, or no update checks at all. There should also be an option to manually check for updates, so the user can just check whenever they feel like it. People who have limited monthly bandwidth really get angry about things like this. We only use the server for development and testing, and not for putting it on the internet. Not everyone is hosting their own internet server that uses your software, so don't assume we're always connected or have unlimited bandwidth available. Respect your users if you want respect for your programs. That's as far as I got with Z-WAMP before I removed it. Can't say much about the functionality as a web server until those issues are corrected.

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  • Great integration with Windows. Makes my work flow really easy.

    2 users found this review helpful.
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