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ZPanel is a free to download and use Web hosting control panel written to work effortlessly with Microsoft® Windows™ and *nix based servers or computers.

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User Reviews

  • very good project, thanks!

  • Communauté Francaise ZpanelCP

  • wooooooo, very easy to using keep moving forward

  • Zpanel Is a dream I wanted just a simple control panel running on Microsoft operating systems for administration to your server or hosting As I read zpanel taking your hosting to next level this fact continuous development and technical support, and it's free enough "I hope the support and contributions to the development of the project if possible" Man can not live without air, I as well as with Zpanel lottfy

  • This is by far the best open source project out there. Where else can you get an hosting controll panel that works on windows and linux. And is just as good as cpanel. And it is all free! Also if you have problems you just post a thread on there fourms and some lovely person will help you solve the problem. There are tones of open source free modules to add on to this that are thrid party. This also means that you can make and share your own module. Modules can be took off and put on your zpanel hosting panel with ease Module are very ease to develop. Genrally this is on TOP project that i will stick with and help for year to come :D motters

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Information Technology, System Administrators, Telecommunications Industry

User Interface

Command-line, Web-based

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Database Environment