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  • Everything about Zorin is excellent. I installed Zorin on usb dongles to replace another OS on the dongles and was absolutely amazed with Zorin's style and features -- and speed. There have been no screen freezes, no bugs, the internet including all the video sites is performing with excellence and Zorin is loaded with programs that actually work as well as if they were being run from a harddrive. I've not had to use support but I'm sure it's as good as their product so I gave it an excellent rating as well.

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  • Zorin OS Lite 12 is no more "Lite"... :(

  • Отлично!

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  • Класс)

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  • Such A great Operating system that we At Systak Solutions Host the zorin OS Ultimate version 9 and 11 64 bit on our webpage at systaksolutions*com under projects why does azorinsoft charge for the ultimate.

  • Excellent. No more Windows for me.

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  • Very easy for Linux-beginners coming från XP. Zorin 9 comes with updates of the operating system and all other programs including security patches till 2019. Free.

  • Очень хороший дистрибутив. До этого использовал Ubuntu, Debian, openSUSE, CentOS, FedoreCore, ArchLinux, Manjaro, Kali Linux, но в качестве домашней системы выбрал именно Zorin OS. Удобный, быстрый, простой, много программ, драйверов (Хотя это можно сказать про любой дистрибутив :) ). Самое главное - моя жена одобрила именно его :) Она не очень хорошо дружит с компьютерами, а пользуемся одним домашним компьютером, так что ее мнение требовалось учитывать. Именно этот дистрибутив ей понравился.


  • We love it! They just keep making it better. Best OS ever and a must have if you are new to Linux.

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  • Hi guys.... i have setup win7 to show extensions unknown still when the download .rar starts the ISO appeared but after it finished was not there anymore..... why is this.... please help!!! Cheers

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  • Great everything. The only bad part is it seems to have system program problems more than any other distro I use, other than that, this is an absolutely amazing Linux Distro, and great alternative to Windows, my first Linux Distro ever used actually, and it made the transition from Windows to Linux a smooth one, and I've been able to use many different distros now. I've come back to Zorin here and there and will continue to, I hope to see Zorin 10 sometime, and hopefully it blows it out of the water ;)

  • With dougusa on this one. I really want to like and use Zorin. I want it to be my go to OS, my families go to OS but the problem is it just doesn't work on our laptops, mainly drivers. Sadly it's just not as accommodating as Windows 7. Installing drivers on any Linux distro is a nightmare for anyone coming from XP, me included. With better driver support and an easy way to install programs Windows users might be persuaded to jump ship. Damn sure I would.

  • A refreshing new design makes this Linux distribution a great addition to the Ubuntu line. The interface has a feel that's a perfect balance between the simplicity of Ubuntu and the sleekness of proprietary operating systems like Windows and Mac OS. The fact that Zorin OS uses the Canonical repositories for its software also make it easy to use.

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  • sounds tempting to use

  • When Microsoft announced the end of life for XP, I tried out a number of different Linux distros to see if I could transition to one. Zorin-OS has worked very well for me. It is not too 'linux-y', and the support community is very friendly. Could use some kind of coherent documentation bundled with the install, but that's true for a lot of OS. Some people have trouble understanding that this is a operating system, and not an application. In order to use the .iso file after download, you need to burn the image file to a DVD. It is recommended that you burn it at the slowest speed your machine can support, to ensure a good transfer. Next, insert the DVD into your computer's drive and re-boot. You may need to load a one-time boot options menu or mess with BIOS settings to get your computer to boot to the DVD, but then you will be running Zorin-OS in LiveDVD mode.

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  • i downloaded iso of zorin os 9 core(64-bit) edition. downloaded file size 1.40 GB. but still not able to getting install or autoplay file. Dont know wats wrong. I even tried in Daemon tool to make it virtual disc bt still the same problem..i download 3 times bt prb is same. plz smeone help.

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  • I tried Zorin OS some time back, sorry I didn't end up digging it. By now every Linux distro should work with any with Dell WiFi "out of the box" or an easily discovered setting after a full install. Hell some distros work with dell WiFi as a live USB, I recall Joli OS works with dell WiFi even from a live CD with no effort at all if there's no Ethernet connection. Wile I'm a Linux neophyte, I'm not a computer neophyte in general, but 20 years post stroke I no longer have the patience with anything that's touted as great when it's not. In the event my dell mini 9 could support Windows 7 pro or windows 8.1 I would hesitate purchasing one them. Sorry if I stepped on the toes of Tux, but Linux has a ways to go when it comes to the end home computer user consumer market.

  • I have used multiple versions of Zorin over the years from versions 6-9. Even though I test out other distros... I nothing has tempted me away from Zorin. Currently using Zorin 9 Ultimate on my PC and Zorin 9 Lite on my netbook. Pretty much perfect. The Zorin team has vastly refined and improved the look of Zorin over the years. Zorin 9 continues that 'steam' and its good.. very good. Well done. It would be even better if when I changed the desktop image to 'personalize' Zorin.. the login splash screen would be updated with same image.

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  • Installed Zorin 9 flawlessly from USB. Used this method: unetbootin . sourceforge . net Good suggestion: During installation activate Wi-Fi. After installation reboot, wait for login menu screen, go to Advanced / Recovery option. Select Enable Networking, than select Check for upgrades, then File repair, then Recover disk space. You will have a shiny installation. Language: If you installing the system where two or more languages are used, select your second language during installation in Keyboard Settings. It will install automatically Language switch and all dictionaries for the Office. We left Windows some 3 years ago. Never missed it... Suggestion for respected developers - make Dropbox a part of Zorin. RC bags are discussed here: zoringroup . com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=7730

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  • I think you have a winner here. While the install was long, it was not difficult. The features are terrific and I love how you can change the look. I opted for the Windows 7 look. Excellent job! After getting the updates downloaded and installed, I played with it. At first, I thought it seemed just a little slow, but the more I used it, the better it got. This system can compete with Windows 7 and should please many users.

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  • It's very similar to Win7

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  • If any flavour of linux can take away microsoft diehards, this is it! Fast, easy to use, great for XP users. Would be great to have better instructions for more complicated apps!

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  • Really like this release!!!

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  • Great Linux distribution!

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