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  • Very good project, works fine on mac OSX thank you very much

  • But, Why I got "Soucre cannt continued,course of not found of zint.dll,reinstall may correct this problem"? My PGM is Delphi x10.2 Berlin at Windows 10 ,Thanls!

  • Great tool, easy to install and use. Dev team is very reactive.

  • That is a good Software, but the isn't UDI-Conform, because the human read line is missing at Codeblock-F and Datamatrix in the file.

  • I am able to generate barcodes and save them to PNGs using the GUI but unable to do it using the CLI. I am getting an error of "libpng warning: Application built with libpng-1.5.10 but running with 1.6.20" I have tried different versions of the program but with no luck. Any suggestions?

  • Excellent and easy to use barcode generator. Helped me out on a lot of occasions in the library where I work.

  • Could be a possibility to add an option in the future to add a Little logo?

  • Good project ! Thanks !

  • The project is really useful. But faced a problem that i cannot get the exact barcode number as text in return which will be printed on the barcode. There should be a return parameter where we get the exact barcode data(number) which zint generates on the final png file.

  • Very complete and universal bar code generator

  • How does the GS1 work, it seems disabled? NO Instructions??

  • Very good work. So far the best generator available, even better than any paid app. Absence of tilde processing ( ~ ) is major disadvantage, specially by ECC200 :(

  • Good work, great software, using it for DataMatrix generation. It should be noted that order of parameters is important in command line, for example type of code must be written before coded text e.g. zint -b 71 -d DATA (not zint -d DATA -b 71)

  • Hats off to the developer(s) for producing such a slick and fully functional piece of code. As another reviewer pointed out, the command-line interface ("Zint -help") is really useful.

  • This was just what I needed for work, but it was clumsy making the same QR codes with different values. so I made a python script that automates that part for me in a gui. this software has a great commandline interface (zint.exe) that you can use to make barcodes very fast.

  • No any instructions for building

  • It solved my problems on Barcode generation.

  • Works well for my QR code. Thanks for being free.

  • automatic check-digit calculation for "2 of 5 interleaved" codes is missing.. would be nice if this could be added!

  • Not for me! Unfortunately, it does not work with 8-bit characters. Probably some unicode and other character sets mismatch. My swedish åäö comes out as chinese in the other end.

  • Instructions? Manuals? Support?

  • The Zint is very intersting, the batch mode is almost unique among barcode generators and allow integration using command line. Currently I'm trying to figure why the eps output is not working (even the Irfanview image editor can't read the file).

  • was wondering if its possible to call this from another program? Just add the DLL's to a VisStudio project?..any help?..

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  • Zint works excellent.

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  • Very nice and easy to use. I would like to make a couple suggestions to hopefully make the program better for the user. 1, Can you make it remember the user's settings so when the user opens the program, it retains the last configuration they used? (eg Symbology and appearance settings, 2. Can you make it so the user can right click on the barcode image and copy it for pasting? Thank you very much for this application.

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