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ZDT CHANGELOG ========================== Changes in version 1.0.1 [by kaya] ------------------------------------------- * Bugfix [3612826]: error "unable to find a valid user database..." due to Windows installer and Windows User Account Control (UAC) * Improvement: auto-create empty user database if it's missing Changes in version 1.0.0 [by kaya] ------------------------------------------- * Improvement: Cedict plugin updated to v0.6.0 (CC-CEDICT release from 2013-05-03 having 106174 entries) * Improvement: Hide "Play Sound" button in review mode when there is no sound file attached * Improvement: Disable "Play Sound" button in Flashcard Notes view when there is no sound file attached * Improvement: Changing the dictionary executes a search on the new chosen dictionary so that one can easily cycle through all dictionaries searching the same word(s). Fixes also the bug where a selected user entry could not be linked with the category editor since the user dictionary entry could not be found in the newly chosen dictionary. * Bugfix: Pinyin may now contain apostrophes * Bugfix: Notes were not always imported * Bugfix: In review mode, internal error occurred during "Play sound" * Bugfix: When going to next flashcard, Flashcard Notes view threw error when disposed * Bugfix: Dictionary threw an error when closed or opened again * Bugfix: Resuming flashcard session could throw an error * Bugfix: Disable back button when first flashcard is shown on resuming session * Bugfix: Drag & drop from dictionary to flashcard category didn't work for some entries (i.e. ling/zero) * Bugfix: Neutral tone was (wrongly) displayed and made drag & drop from dictionary to flashcard category impossible, logging error "is not a valid line" Changes in version 0.9.0 [by kaya] ------------------------------------------- * Moved from java 5 to java 6 * Cedict plugin updated to v0.5.0 (102,556 entries) * Handedict plugin updated to v0.5.0 * Stroke animation plugin updated to v0.2.0 * Added support for importing and exporting flashcard notes (text, image and sound file location). Thus, the extended default ZDT format is now: S T P /D/ N I A S T P /D/ is the old format and the added N I A stand for: Note text, Image file location and A for Audio (sound) file location. Image and sound file location can be an absolute path but should preferably be a file name since ZDT can be configured to point to a common image and sound file folder. * Added option in context menu of Category Editor to play associated sound file (hotkey F2). * Added option in Self Review mode to play associated sound file. * Added option in Self Review mode to display flashcards in their order instead to get them randomly. That's needed when reviewing dialogs such as Pimsleur for example. * Added option to search the user dictionary, thus flashcards are now searchable. * Added option to link the user dictionary with the category view, thus you see the flashcard containing the selected user dictionary entry. * Added ability to copy from user dictionary to category. * Added ability to copy between categories. * Added ability to copy whole chinese sentences of user entries instead of copying them character by character. * Flashcard notes (text, image and sound file location) get copied too when an user entry (flashcard) is copied. * Added Interval Filter option to not count a wrong answer when score falls below a minimum value defined by the user. * Added Flashcard Option to not update the timestamp on wrong answers. * Added support for extended Unicode characters. * Bugfix of Smart Filter Settings. * Bugfixes in message properties where % signs were not shown. Changes in version 0.8.0 ------------------------------------------- * Added Flashcard Notes feature * Moved to Eclipse 3.7 * Moved to Spring 3.0.5 * [1699671] Increase/make adjustable number of flashcard quiz choices (in preference) * [1618843] Add ability to access stroke animations from flashcards (in toolbar) * [3429016] Internationalization : add support for other languages (French and English) * Add user test results statistic * Update EasyMock to v3.1 * Update JUnit to v4.10 Changes in version 0.7.1 ------------------------------------------- * Auto-fill for traditional characters in Add Entry dialog. * Fix exceptions with exporting while using OS X Leopard. * Relaxed import restrictions. Instead of returning "Unable to find in current dictionary" messages, ZDT will now fill in missing traditional with its corresponding simplified characters (and vice versa for missing simplified characters) * Parenthesis () can now be used as a special character for character and pinyin fields. Changes in version 0.7.0 (Nov 3, 2007) ------------------------------------------- * Allow character and pinyin fonts to be changed individually. * [1779173] Pressing 'stop' in Self Review test doesn't really stop. * Added preference (see Preference > General) to allow toggling display of pinyin with tone marks and pinyin with tone numbers. * Added mechanism to clear recent search history. See Preferences > Dictionary. * Tweak flashcards so that any missed cards appear at the end of session. * [1783760] Can't import words with neutral tone. * [1788221] Import with duplicate entries can cause hang. * Ignore comment character # in import files. * [1790554] Copy-paste to category in traditional mode bug. * Add ability to access stroke order animations from flashcard's view drop down. * Stroke order animations are now accessible via hotkey (F5). Works in flashcards, dictionary, and category editors. * Updated to August 25, 2007 version of CEDICT. * Add Reports Bug function to Help menu. Zips up the important files necessary for debugging problems. * [1802394] Change font and cancel causes exception. * [1802412] Last used dictionary not selected on startup. * [1803117] Certain pinyin not getting parsed correctly. * [1805669] Pinyin Recall. Back button enabled on initial card. * [1805717] Self Review mode. Back disables correct/wrong buttons. * [1807883] No sound for nu:, nu:e, lu:, and lu:e. * [1808865] Definition field not updating in Add an entry to a category. * [1809290] Can't drag retroflexed words from dict to category list. * Log and backup files are now stored in user's home directory. * Enable dragging of text from annotation area into category editors. Known limitation, single characters cannot be dragged, only multiple ones. * [1815357] IME: Turning off IME does not close IME window. * [1815354] IME: Typing two character words, cursor ends up in middle. * [1816262] Adjusting font sizes causes memory leak * [1818299] Exception when installing over previous ZDT install. * Uwe has made a change to Pinyin Recall mode so it now has the ability to show character only, definition only, or both. This is set via the new Pinyin Recall Preference page. * [1825029] Export writing sheet problems with special chars. Changes in version 0.7.0b3a (August 14, 2007) ------------------------------------------- * Fix dangling meta character exception. * Fix character encoding issue on Windows platform using IME special characters. Changes in version 0.7.0 b3 (August 8, 2007) ------------------------------------------- * Use the new Eclipse 3.3 key preference page. * Custom import can now import a better percentage of entries for S P D and T P D patterns. * [1762742] Definition Test. Select next, can still select other answer. * [1762859] Definition Test. Hit next and then stop causes exception. * [1762861] Resume icon still being shown when starting new flashcard session. * [1762863] Pinyin Recall. Session not being saved on start. * [1765067] Import definition from file not working. * [1765070] Definition Test. Using mouse makes keybindings stop working. * Self Review mode improvements. Can now show more than one aspect (character, pinyin, definition) on a card at a time. Also, users can now score themselves on the test. * User database can be changed without restarting application. * Special characters (like spaces, periods, commas, etc) can be added to pinyin and character fields. Changes in version 0.7.0 b2 (July 17, 2007) ------------------------------------------- * Upgraded to Eclipse 3.3. * Removed update mechanism. * Ability to change hotkeys for commands using Key Preferences. * Ability to resume last unfinished flashcard session. Changes in version 0.7.0 b1 (April 19, 2007) ------------------------------------------- * Add/Edit Entry dialog now accepts pinyin with tone marks in addition to pinyin with tone numbers. * Added select all function in category editor. * Allow multiple sound plugins to be installs. Can be set via new Sound Preference page. Note that the old sound plugin is obsolete and will no longer work from this version on. * Added IFlash style interval testing. * Preference added to show previous answer on current card (Rocky) * [1670047] Allow arrow keys (left and right) to be used to scroll through IME choices. * [1685941] Fix IME NPE. * Support for editing simplified characters in Edit Entry dialog box. * [1616851] Enable next button even if no answer is selected. * Display number of cards in category in category view and tab title. (Rocky) * Can now reorder categories. (Rocky) * Ability to change Flashcard character size. (Rocky) * Fixed import memory leak. * Add Custom Import wizard to give more flexibility when importing from different sources. * Can now support importing from multiple formats. Currently ZDT and Custom are the only options. Changes in version 0.6.1 (December 6, 2006) ------------------------------------------- * [1609874] Import use definitions from database problem. * [1582910] Copy/Del functionality disabled if >1 rows selected in cat. * Supermemo export now exports required ID field. Changes in version 0.6.0 (October 18, 2006) ------------------------------------------- * Updated help. * Automatically performs internal backup on shutdown. Backup file is located in <install_directory>/.backup. * Flashcard UI better handling of long text (characters/definitions) by using wrapping and scrollbars. * Fixed some pinyin parsing bugs. * Added built in IME support. Toggle IME on/off using Ctrl-I shortcut or selecting IME Mode from Edit menu. * Added stroke order animations. Accessible via right click context menu in the Dictionary View and Category Editors. * [1575580] Show all definitions in the definition test. * [1574822] Extra characters show up when pasting long text in annotator. * [1574141] Can't type certain keys in other views with flashcards open. * [1570357] Can't copy from pinyin window in annotator. * [1553199] Copy doesn't work in dictionary search field. * [1549462] Flashcard keyboard shortcuts stop working. * [1542744] Bug in switching from simplified to traditional mode. * [1519394] Allow flashcards to show both traditional and simplified. * [1486498] Duplicate answers in flashcard test mode. * [1421584] Make definition appearance time configurable. * [1403989] Unable to add accented characters in definition. Changes in version 0.5.2 (August 11, 2006) ------------------------------------------- * Added Key Assist (Help > Key Assist...) which shows available keyboard shortcuts in the current view. * Smart filter uses greater than or equal and less than or equal. * Add ability to edit traditional characters. * Removed user dictionary option. * When copy and pasting in tab delimited format, will copy as is. * [1537796] Change font when flashcards closed shows error. * [1536958] After deleting entry, selection gets lost. * [1535451] Edit entry twice without saving shows error dialog. * [1535447] Editing edited entry shows stale data. * [1532686] Add auto backup feature. * [1532198] Copy/Paste/Delete don't work from top-level menu. * [1532028] Save and Save All shortcuts stopped working. Changes in version 0.5.1 (July 30, 2006) ------------------------------------------- * Smart Filter behavior changed. Instead of choosing rules to to exclude flashcards the behavior has been reversed so that flashcards that meet the rules are included. Some people were confused with the previous behavior. * [1531359] Include a test smart filter function. * [1531321] Restore wizard does not restore selected categories. * [1529869] In Summary wizard, text zoom functions don't work. * [1529371] After adding a category, the previous selection stays. * [1528632] Export writing sheets fails if any entry ends in 儿. Changes in version 0.5.0 (July 23, 2006) ------------------------------------------- * chinese.script has been replaced with user.script which now contains just your user data (categories, stats, etc). Dictionaries are now packaged up as plugins. * Multiple dictionaries (ie. CEDICT & Adso) can be loaded at the same time although there is only one "current" dictionary. Current dictionary can be toggled using button in toolbar or keyboard shortcut (Ctrl-D). * Full freedom to edit pinyin and definition of entries in your categories using 'Edit entry' function. * Smart filter allow more fine grained control by allowing specific rules to be enabled/disabled. * Restore function allows restoration from zdt 0.4.8 and below chinese.script files along with the standard zdt backup files. * SuperMemo and PlecoDict export format support now built in. * ZDT codebase upgraded to Eclipse 3.2. * Upgraded to hsqldb 1.8.0 from 1.7.3. * Switch from CPL license to EPL license. * [1524751] Want to be able to select multiple categories. * [1515893] Problem going back and changing file in Restore Wizard. * [1501673] Order of characters in writing sheets not correct. * [1500284] Definition Test, when definitions disabled, can still select. * [1421600] Preserve user data when updating dictionaries. * [1398122] Add character doesn't accept shen2. * [1368391] Can't add characters with new pinyin. Changes in version 0.4.8 (May 6, 2006) ------------------------------------------- * [1481293] Double enter bug in pinyin recall and definition test modes. * [1477707] ZDT uses breve instead of caron for third tone. * [1475055] Switching database may cause scary looking error messages. * [1475046] Using anytone search returns duplicate results. * [1474608] Import drops words if using import definitions. * [1463550] Characters mysteriously disappearing after save and reopen. * [1462858] Annotations blink in and out as mouse moves. * [1462857] First half of first char does not annotate. * [1462528] ZDT crashes for me when adding a duplicate char to a catagory. * [1446507] Add export multiple categories functionality. * [1446502] Open category tab not renamed when category is renamed. * [1421592] Able to use flashcards without a mouse. * [1421580] Make font bigger in Pinyin answers. Changes in version 0.4.7 (March 8, 2006) ------------------------------------------- * [1443874] Add sound support to flashcards. * [1443872] Export to other formats. * [1443871] Add any tone search. * [1440739] If you delete a catagory that is open you get a error. * [1440612] Hit back arrow in self review test, Next button never enable. * [1432699] Annotations appear for next char at half way point of current. * [1421570] NEXT button still active at end of test. * [1421569] Definitions do not appear in summary review. * [1343000] Request case insensitive searches. * [1260062] Allow users to rename categories. Changes in version 0.4.5 (February 3, 2006) ------------------------------------------- * Now uses database based on December 2005 version of CEDICT. * [1412971] Switch search mode using combo should automatically search. * [1410495] Enter multiple pinyin w/o space causes problems. * [1409632] Add forward and next buttons to other tests. * [1409633] Allow forward button to "skip" ahead. * [1398128] Pinyin review didn't accept correct answer. * [1392211] Allow copy individual characters/pinyin. * [1392209] Paste pinyin with tone marks. * [1392207] Allow annotator to accept traditional/simplified. * [1392205] Annotator tooltips still get very wide. * [1381910] Ctrl-right arrow for 'Next' doesn't work on linux. * [1381803] Paste multiple lines into Notepad gives one line. * [1381793] Restrict choices in test mode. * [1324300] Typing in pinyin with neutral tone should be more flexible. * [1263536] Can't paste traditional characters into category editor. Changes in version 0.4.2 (November 14, 2005) ------------------------------------------- * [1378500] Add smart filter preference settings. * [1378492] Copying from within the zdt to external apps is un-intuitive. * [1378489] Flashcard should support multiple correct answers. * [1378488] Add navigation to flashcards. * [1378486] Add a flashcard summary page. * [1350849] Add sort to tables. * [1174612] Delete from category has multiple entries, both are deleted. * [1183449] Tooltips can get very wide. Changes in version 0.4.1 (November 1, 2005) ------------------------------------------- * [1345301] Add a 'Search' button in DictionaryView. * [1344947] Changing databases doesn't work. * [1342999] Search with multiple words does not work. Changes in version 0.4.0 (October 25, 2005) ------------------------------------------- * [1315225] Add 'begins with' and 'ends with' search modes. * [1313452] Delete category that's not open in editor causes exception. * [1313129] 'Add character' wizard saves definitions with ';' delimiter. * [1286348] Browser and mousewheel annoyance. * [1275369] Allow easy way to search again with different mode. * [1275189] Drag/copy from dictionary, still asks for character to paste. * [1274882] Ask user to save dirty categories before starting flashcards. * [1274763] Include Adso support. * [1274757] No changes, click ok in FontPreferences throws exception. * [1264914] Add most recent searches to Dictionary view. * [1259036] Allow users to 'bookmark' urls. * [1171470] Can create a category with no name. * [1167331] Flashcard doesn't work with new category and add words. * [1160863] Switch fonts causes exception. Changes in version 0.3.1 (August 18, 2005) ------------------------------------------ * Upgraded to Eclipse 3.1 Final. * [1260064] Change the way popups are handled. * [1259028] Allow annotation text and pinyin text to be resized * [1160120] Switching between char modes has no effect on Annotator view. * [1258576] Allow search by traditional characters. * [1235824] Unable to add chars that don't exist in database. * [1232972] Save added characters fails persists. * [1227140] Cant type the letter "c" into the Web view. * [1226803] Annotator popup doesn't go away. * [1226801] Right click copy does not work from annotator view. Changes in version 0.3.0 (April 29, 2005) -------------------------------------------------- * Upgraded to April version of CEDICT. Adds 400+ new entries. * Upgraded to Eclipse 3.1 M6. * Now using NSIS based windows installer. Replaces the previous Izpack java based one. * [1159253] Enable copy from dictionary view. * [1164936] Should be able to delete using keyboard in category view. * [1169211] Ability to export category with no statistics. * [1179884] Adding entry and modifying definition doesn't work * [1175436] In Flashcard view, long descriptions run off the view * [1160131] Search pinyin without space. * [1175247] Searching with Dictionary - no results, no feedback. * [1175434] Entering non-existing characters into editor doesn't save. * [1159255] Flashcard View: Num chars > number of actual characters causes IndexOutOfBoundsException. * [1167331] Flashcard doesn't work with new category and add words. Changes in version 0.2.8 (April 29, 2005) -------------------------------------------------- * Initial public project release.
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