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z390 V1.5.06 Portable Mainframe Assembler and zcobol Portable Mainframe COBOL Copyright 2011 Automated Software Tools Corporation Minimum Requirements for z390: * Microsoft Windows 7 x64/Vista/XP, Apple OSX, or Linux * Oracle Java Runtime J2SE 1.6.0+ * Minimum of 512 MB memory (default Java user memory allocation set to 150 MB) * Adobe Acrobat or later for viewing User Guide and other documentation z390 is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License as part of z390 install (see OSI_GPL_License_Agreement.rtf); if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA. z390 is a portable mainframe assembler and COBOL compiler, linker, and emulator utility for Windows, Linux, and other platforms supporting J2SE. z390 includes the following tools: * z390 - Graphical User Interface written in J2SE Swing Java * zc390 – COBOL CBL source to macro assembler MLC source translator * mz390 - macro processor to expand MLC source file to BAL source code o Macro ZSTRMAC structured programming extensions for conditional macro code to eliminate need for use of explicit AGO or macro labels and improve the readability and maintainability of macro code using AIF, AELSE, AWHILE, etc. o Structured programming assembler macros including IF, ELSE, DO UNTIL, etc. o Macro pseudo code generator for 3 times faster macro execution o Macro pseudo code trace facility to see all macro variables in all expressions o CICS, PROLOG, and EPILOG options support EXEC CICS and EXEC SQL compatible statements in assembler or COBOL which are reformatted into standard EXEC macro format for expansion. o z390 macro libraries with commonly used MVS and VSE compatible macros o zcobol macro libraries for compiling COBOL to HLASM, Java, C, or MASM code * az390 - assembler to translate BAL source code into OBJ file and generate PRN listing * lz390 - linker to translate OBJ files into 390 binary load module * ez390 - runtime emulator to exec 390 load modules running in 24/31 bit mode o All problem state instructions including 128 bit HFP, BFP, and DFP floating point and 64 bit register instructions for IBM z196 mainframe computers. See the following instruction regression tests: * rt\test\TESTINS1 – test the assembly of all z196 and ASSIST instructions totaling over 1200. * rt\test\TESTINS2 – test execution of basic problem state instructions * rt\test\TESTFP1 – test HFP and BFP 32, 64, and 128 bit floating point * rt\test\TESTDFP1 – test DFP 32, 64, and 128 bit decimal floating point * rt\test\TESTINS3 – test over 220 new z10 problem state instructions * rt\test\TESTINS4 – test over 135 new z196 problem state instructions o ASSIST extended instructions to simplify I/O for use by students in mainframe assembler computer science classes. o TEST option for interactive debugging with dump, modify, and trace options o TRACE option for instruction trace with operand register and memory data o SVC support for the z390 provided MVS compatible macros including QSAM, VSAM, GETMAIN, FREEMAIN, TIME, etc. plus extensions such as TCPIO for SOA and CICS TCP/IP network messaging. * z390 EXEC CICS compatible transaction manager zCICS V10 supporting z390 and zcobol contributed by Melvyn Maltz: o Multiple local and remote CICS TN3270 compatible clients connected to single CICS server over TCP/IP network. o EXEC CICS commands in COBOL or assembler include SEND, RECEIVE, RETURN, LOAD, LINK, XCTL, HANDLE, PUSH, POP, SET FILE, CEMT INQUIRE, etc. o BMS basic color mapping service for assembler with SEND/RECEIVE MAP o VSAM ESDS, RRDS, and KSDS file browse. o CEDF support for aide in debugging CICS transactions o See the cics directory for additional documentation, demos, and startup commands. * z390 Utilities written in z390 assembler with source included: o FPCONVRT – HLASM compatible floating point conversion routines contributed by David Bond with o REPRO – load or unload VSAM data set from/to sequential file. o SORT – sort any fixed for variable length file with DFSORT compatible field types o S4BC – barcode utility contributed by Roger Williams with o SUPERZAP – verify, replace, and dump any Windows or Linux file up to 2 GB. o UNREF – scan PRN assembly listing and list unreferenced symbols contributed by Melvyn Maltz. o ZSTRMAC – utility to translate ZSTRMAC structured conditional macro code into standard HLASM compatible code for portability. o ZPAR – z390 program analysis reports – see for documentation. A WTO macro based demo “Hello World” program demo.mlc is included which can be expanded, assembled, linked, and executed with the command “ASMLG DEMO\DEMO” issued from GUI command line or via point and click using the z390 GUI file menu ASMLG selection. Structured conditional macro assembler extensions AIF, AELSEIF, AELSE, AEND, AEXIT, APM, ASELECT, AUNTIL, AWHEN, and AWHILE eliminate need for AGO and macro labels. See ZSTRMAC.ZSM structured translator utility for example. Structured assembler programming macros IF, ELSEIF, ELSE, ENDIF, DO, and ENDDO are included along with demo programs demo\DEMOSTR1.MLC and util\superzap\SUPERZAP.MLC. Commands to compile COBOL source programs to executable code in HLASM, Java, C, or MASM are included. A demo COBOL programs zcobol\demo\HELLO.CBL can be compiled and executed in any of the 4 optional languages. Additional demos and regression test COBOL programs including EXEC CICS COBOL are included for the HLASM option which is the primary development focus for zcobol currently. zcobol programs can be statically and dynamically linked with other zcobol programs and assembler programs. All the zcobol documentation is on This version of zcobol has successfully compiled 408 of the NIST COBOL 1085 COBOL test suite programs with no hard assembly errors and just level 8 MNOTE's for those features not yet supported by zcobol. A COBOL debugger written in ZCOBOL by John Hennesy has been added in v1.5.06. See zcobol\demo\T.txt for more information. A Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) client server application generation service for COBOL and assembler clients is included. The SOA directory has macro library and demo application which uses TCP/IP sockets messaging to enable clients and servers with multiple connections to run on same or different processors on a TCP/IP network including networks connected via VPN links over the Internet. The COBOL demo has been run on Windows using Micro Focus COBOL calling z390 assembler services also running on Windows. Also see the CICS transaction manager for more client/server examples. A TPUT and TGET macro based demo TN3270 application to update and display name, address, and numeric zip fields on screen can be assembled and executed with the command “ASMLG DEMO\DEMOGUI6 GUAM”. Use PF1 for help screen and PF3 for exit. The arrow, backspace, and tab keys can be used to control blinking cursor. An alarm and status line error is issued if attempt is made to modify protected field or enter alpha data in numeric field. Full support for VSAM ESDS and RRDS plus browse support for KSDS files including alternate index paths is included. Z390 VSAM supports fixed or variable length records up to 2 GB. Support includes ACB, RPL, GENCB, GET, POINT, PUT, MODCB, SHOWCB, TESTCB, type macros plus DEFINE macro to define loadable VSAM catalogs. Additional support for KSDS inserts and alternate index updates plus LDS linear support is planned. For the latest Windows and Linux downloads and additional information about z390 and the open source project visit: z390 Windows 7, Vista, and XP installation instructions: 1. Uninstall any old z390 releases and delete residual files left in the z390 install directory Which could be read-only and prevent proper install of new release. 2. Download latest z390 InstallShield setup.exe file from 3. Run z390 setup.exe to install it on Windows 4. Remove old versions of J2SE runtime such as 1.4.2 etc. 5. Download and install latest J2SE 6.0+ runtime from: 6. Double click on the z390 desktop icon to start z390 GUI a. Enter the command IVP to run installation verification program which should display correct OS, J2SE, and z390 versions. Verify the z390 install version and the J2SE version. The RT regression test version and MVS macro versions will only match after you download and install these options. You can ignore these warnings if you don’t plan to use these optional files. The instruction regression tests TESTINS2, TESTINS2, TESTFP1, and TESTDFP2 have been updated for compatibility with HLASM and z9 and z10 mainframes for compatibility testing. b. Enter the command “ASMLG demo\DEMO” to assembler and run demo\DEMO.MLC c. Scroll the output log to see output of each step d. Use file menu edit selection to view generated ASCII source files: 1) DEMO.MLC – source macro assembler demo for WTO ‘hello world’ 2) DEMO.BAL - expanded basic assembler source code 3) DEMO.PRN – assembly listing 4) DEMO.OBJ – relocatable object code in ASCII hex format 5) DEMO.LST – linker listing 6) DEMO.LOG – execution log including WTO display message e. Optional downloads from for use with z390 install include the following: 1) PTF fix and enhancement zip files with InstallShield install for Windows. These Optional hot fixes and enhancements are published between full releases for users that need specific fixes or enhancements. See the README.TXT file in zip for help. 2) Regression tests for all z390 components - these tests have been successfully run on Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Ubuntu Linux 6.06 LTS using J2RE 1.6.0_04. 3) Public domain MVS 3.8 macro library with associated WTO demo and test programs. Note the WTO demo using the MVS 3.8 macros works because the SVC interface is the same for z390. Most other SVC interfaces are different. These macros are made available for reference only as z390 automatically installs its only version of MVS compatible macros with svc’s for its own portable runtime. The targeted interface for z390 MVS compatibility is at the macro source level only. The z390 macro assembler is targeted to support all mainframe compatible macros including all flavors of MVS, VSE, and z/OS. 4) WEBDOC.ZIP contains the entire online z390 and zcobol website documentation which can be installed in z390\webdoc directory to provide local access. The help menu "Guide" will open the local index if found otherwise it will open the online index to docs. 5) Click on help menu for links to additional information. IBM, CICS, VSAM, z196, and z/OS are registered trademarks of International Business Machine Corporation. Don Higgins, President Automated Software Tools Corporation Email:
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