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YEI 3-Space Sensor C API ======================== ############## #Change Notes# ############## - Renamed isConnected to isTSDeviceThere Added setAxisDirectionsuc4 Fixed warning on redefinition of NULL Fixed updateAsynchData from crashing in some instances 1.0.5 - Added examples directory that contains working source code examples of the API Added Version Properties to the DLL to make it more clear the current version Added Wireless Sensors will stop asynchronous once the DLL is cleaning up Added setStopAllTSSAysncSensorsOnQuit to allow the user to explicitly override stopping asynchronous on close Fixed getAccelerometerCalibrationParam command Fixed the DLL from accidentally cleaning up when a thread detaches Fixed crash on updateAsynchData with multiple sensors. Added functions to interact with multiple wireless sensors similar to the python API broadcasters, still in early stages, usage is not recommended at this time 1.0.4 - Reverted back to having arrays instead of singly linked lists, getting rid of the ComPortList structure. Added a defined print flag, "DEBUG_PRINT",that will print debug prints to terminal window. Changed getYEIComPorts to take two vectors of vector of strings, one for 3-Space Sensor devices and one for unknown devices. 1.0.3 - Fixed memory leaks and changed from having an array of ComPort pointers to a linked list of ComPortList pointers. Created ComPortList structure for singly linked list. Added bthsdpdef.h to include files for compatibility with older Windows. Changed getFirstAvailableComPort and getNextAvailableComPort to getFirstAvailableTSSComPort and getNextAvailableTSSComPort and added getFirstAvailableUnknownComPort and getNextAvailableUnknownComPort functions 1.0.2 - Fixed some naming issues with asynchronous calls. Fixed the TS classes to have upper case hex strings. Added getFirstAvailableComPort and getNextAvailableComPort functions. 1.0.1 - Fixed some major issues from the 1.0.0 and BETA versions of the API. Changed the run-time lib to no longer have a vs2010 dependency
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