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Short: YAM 2.8 - MUI-based E-mail client Author: YAM Open Source Team ( Uploader: Jens Langner <> Type: comm/yam Version: 2.8 Replaces: comm/yam/YAM27* Requires: AmigaOS 3.0+, MorphOS or AROS, MUI 3.8+, 68020+/PPC604e+ Architecture: ppc-amigaos >= 4.0.5; m68k-amigaos >= 3.0; ppc-morphos >= 1.4.2; i386-aros; ppc-aros; x86_64-aros --------------------------------------------------------------------------- YAM - Version 2.8 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- About YAM --------- YAM (Yet Another Mailer) lets you send and receive electronic mail (e-mail) over the Internet and maintain archives of messages in your computer via a graphical user interface. The idea came to the original author (Marcel Beck) back in 1995 when he first tried using e-mail. The programmes available at the time were either powerful but complicated to configure, or else used a too limiting user interface. The goal, therefore, was to program a cross between AdMail and AirMail, with a few ideas coming from Pegasus Mail. While earlier versions of YAM were developed closed source, today's versions are developed by an independent open source community. Since the year 2000 a group of mixed developers maintain YAM and release new versions from time to time. While these versions are all targeted for the Amiga platform, versions of different AmigaOS incarnations are supplied. This includes native PowerPC ports to modern Amiga platforms like AmigaOS4 or MorphOS. Before you start the installation --------------------------------- YAM 2.5+ not only uses newer configuration files, the files used to store separate emails are named differently as well. Therefore, before you start the installation script to overwrite your existing installation, it's strongly recommended that you create a backup of your old YAM installation, including all folders and configuration files. Afterwards you can install the update into your old YAM directory if you wish. On start-up, YAM 2.5+ will automatically convert your old configuration files to the new 2.5+ format, and after being started, YAM will rename your old emails as necessary, always under your control. It is also recommended that you re-save your configuration as soon as possible in order to update your .config file to the new format, which will reveal all the new options available. In addition, please note that since YAM 2.5 no YAM: assign is required anymore. That means, you may even install it in a new location and start it right away from there without having to touch your old installation. Afterwards you may manually import the mails from your old installation. What's new ---------- Here's a list (in alphabetical order) of the brave developers who have contributed to this release since the last official one: Jens Langner Thore Boeckelmann And here's a PARTIAL list of the changes in this version with respect to the previous official 2.7 update: - updated translations for czech, french, german, italian, swedish, spanish, turkish and english-british language. - integration of online documentation system and removal of obsolete amigaguides, see - general performance improvements and general bug fixing. - moved CC and BCC as well as Reply-To: address field from separate "Options" tab to the first page of the write window and made it user-configurable. - integrated a multi-identity system which allows to define an unlimited number of identities and link SMTP servers to each identity so that different settings per identity are possible (including different signatures). - implemented unlimited signature support through new multi-identity system integrated in YAM. - multiple and unlimited SMTP-Server support. Now users can define any number of SMTP servers and link them to the new identity management system. - implemented new "Drafts" folder system to allow to put autosave files as well as storing mails on hold into a separate folder commonly used in other mail clients. - All Themes, Certificates, user configurable Spamfilters and the Gallery directory are now per default stored in a PROGDIR:Resources sub directory to not clutter the PROGDIR: directory too much. In future more and more user configurable setting directories will move there, too. - YAM will now trust certain external SPAM filter engines (e.ġ. Spamassassin) when retrieving external emails and trying to identify SPAM. Own external spam filter rules can now be configured in PROGDIR:Resources/Spamfilters if necessary. - Added full SSL certificate authentication support. If connecting to an SSL secured mail server (POP3/SMTP) YAM will now verify the certificate and compare it against official certificate chains. If a certificate is identified to be not trustable a warning will be presented to the user - autosave mails now contain receivers and sender information so that upon recovering those mails the full entered information is presented again. - Full support for the new "Mail-Followup-To:" and "Mail-Reply-To:" header fields which are commonly used for mailing lists. - Sent mails can now be replied as well. - implemented own mail download intervals per POP3 server along with individual mail size limits per POP3 server. - implemented new arexx command to search for messages via message ID. - added a string gadget to the "no subject warning requester" so that a missing subject can be immediately be added. - improved Daylight Saving recognition and removed irritating DST switching warnings for systems known to behave correctly when DST are switched. - large restructuring of the configuration GUI to match new identity and multiple SMTP feature. In addition, things belonging to the Look&Feel of the GUI had been moved to the corresponding config item. - fixed certain PGP related problems causing signature check failures. - fixed a bunch of problems related to the autocompletion features in the recipient string objects of the write window. - lots of other improvement we don't remember right now (keep in mind: one year of development was put into YAM 2.8!) :) If you want to have a more detailed technical information on what was actually changed, please have a look at the included 'ChangeLog' file. You can also consult the official YAM homepage for more information on the changes done with YAM 2.8 (e.g. see What is still missing? ---------------------- - lots of translators! YAM 2.4 featured lots of different languages, but due to the large amount of changed texts these catalogs are completely outdated. Especially support for such common languages as Danish, Finnish, etc. is currently missing. If you are a native speaker of a language that YAM does not offer (anymore), then please contact us. See for more information. - lots of documentation! As with the translation, the documentation largely lags behind. Again, if you are a native speaker (even for English) and if you are interested in updating/writing YAM's documentation then please contact us. Now that with YAM 2.8+ we have switch to a pure online-based documentation system people are welcome updating the online documentation which can be found at and is based on a public wiki engine. - now that YAM 2.5+ comes with a new themes management, users are free to create own themes in a fashion that allow them to exchange them with other users. So go and create your own themes and submit them via AmiNET&Co! :) Source code ----------- Due to lack of time and motivation, Marcel Beck stopped working on YAM back in 2000, but the sources were released under the GNU General Public License at If you want to help developing this program further or perhaps you are considering a port to a different operating system, please consider joining the YAM Open Source team instead of doing it on your own. Our home page is at from which you can obtain all necessary information to contact us. We want to hear from you! Donations --------- If you like the development of YAM and you want to give our open source developers an additional motivation to continue to update YAM in future or if you simply want to say "Thanks", the YAM project accepts money donations via PayPal. All the donations during a release cycle are collected and divided by considering the activity of each developer during the time the development lasted. This way we hope to attract more developers in future, which in turn should give you a new version more quickly. So in case you want to support our efforts to develop a modern up2date e-mail client for modern AmigaOS-based systems, please consult the above URL for more information on how to donate to us. Online resources ---------------- As YAM is an open source development effort, we have several online resources cover your daily YAM needs: - Official Support Homepage - Direct path to the download page - Online documentation system - Online Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Bugtracker and Feature Requests - Web-based online forum For Developers: - Access to automatic nightly developer snapshots - Web-based source code SVN access - Daily updated development statistics __ / / __ / / Only Amiga makes it possible... \ \/ / \__/ Amiga is a trademark of Amiga, Inc.
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